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    How Do You Get Everyone A Carry?

    I run my WRs with inside handoffs to get them carries. What I found is that having a good inside run/fake game is valuable at this age. All they do is on hike they run down the line of scrimmage in between the qb and center who is delaying. Then the qb either hands it to the WR and fakes to the RB the other way or fakes to the WR and hands to the RB. As they became comfortable with that I would take a WR from the other side and have them run behind the qb.
  2. I agree with this. We just played a top notch team in our league and the fakes that we used so successfully for the first 3 games killed us with a team that could pass rush. Our QB got sacked twice before handing the ball off before we adjusted to 1 or no fake plays.
  3. I have coached numerous sports for kids in this age range and it is difficult to get their attention. I use hand clapping... When the kids start talking over others, playing around, not gather where they should or just are generally not paying attention I start clapping hard and fast claps... Kids that still aren't listening are told to sit out the next drill, although I have only had to do that twice over the years and one of those was my own son, lol I went to a cub scout meeting when my son first joined and was watching the leaders try to organize the kids for a game... It was chaos!! The leaders were holding up bunny ears to trying to get the kids to listen... After a minute or so I started clapping and barking out orders... The kids were lined up in no time So I have found this to be a good technique for me... Of course you have to have a voice that can bark over your claps