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  1. Not sure if anyone still uses this forum or not, but I am looking for drills to get my girls moving. Drills like the butterfly where I toss or hit at them while they pass to the target does not keep them focus. Having problems with talking with each other. I have been doing a lot of partner drills. But I really need to do drills passing to the target. They are all beginners ranging from 10 to 12. Some are a little lazy too. I saw some neat drills on here but only have a few girls on there at a time. Any suggestions.
  2. Hello Everyone, This is my 2nd year coaching 12 and under. I am a little nervous about this year. My last season was not that great. Just feel like I could have done better. There were some girls that learned a lot but others I just couldn't get them to improve much. I also did not know how to handle the parents. It was a nightmare. I have learned that it does not matter what you know how long you have played volleyball, you need to know how teach it to someone else. First problems I had was determing which drills were too advanced and but not bringing them down too low that it was not challenging. I want them to learn and be pushed but not to the point where they do not get anything out of it. I am planning my first 6wks practices and would love some drills that are more appropriate for 12's team, that are challenging and keeps them moving. Also for discipline, what tactics do you use for miss serves and letting balls drop without going for it. I am old school, all my coaches made me either run, situps or wall sits. Is this considered a negative impact for their age? What I mean by technique drills for example I just learned the grab the fist. They hold their right hand out to the side and grab there fist and then to the left. They do this without the ball then toss the ball to their right and left doing the grab fist. Thought this was great for beginners. If anyone has any other drills like this that would be great.
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