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  1. Thanks Royal, I agree about the yelling. Caught myself doing it a couple of times and I've focused on not doing it again. I like the idea of shoulder blocking and the two step drills. I've also introduced GOD but its a slow process and only a few are getting it so far. Uphill battle but I'm on it.
  2. Thank you all for the info guys. I've been coaching flag and baseball for years but his is my first year with Youth football and they tabbed me as "Off. Co". The title is funny to me because it's 2nd grade through 4th. Anyway, I'm having a very difficult time getting my line to block....ANYONE! Its killing me. I've got 2 kids that can block on the line and a third that gives it his best. My solid two are at C and right G (who pulls like a machine by the way). My good effort kid is at right T. My entire left side and both ends seem to stand up with their hands out in front of them and hope for the best. I've tried the "rope drill" where its a reverse limbo. Snap, step forward and low to get under the rope with hands up. Take the rope away and they go back to the bad habits. I have three solid and talented RB's but they are getting hit as they get the handoff. My QB has sometimes been getting hit as he's handing it off!! Someone is going to get hurt if I don't get some blocking. Didn't know about the GOD rule. I'll give that a shot. My problem is motivation. Not sure how to get them to give me some more effort. I don't want to yell and I don't want to spend my practice having them run laps. I'm open to any suggestions since we have 4 games left in the season. PS We usually run a wing back offense and on occasion mix it up with a power I. Thanks again
  3. You have 2nd and 3rd graders and are passing 80% of the time? You must have a very skilled team. My 9-11 team runs and passes about 50/50 and we need to pass a little more. I'd like to pass 60%. I think 80% at your age level is too much and I'd be surprised if you have much success. I'm not wishing bad luck on you.....hope it works and if it does, let us know.
  4. All good advise. Spread your WR's way out then run your center on a short 5-7 yard out to either side after the WR's go long. Your RB can flair out to the opposite side. If they are disciplined then running will be tough but connect on a couple of passes and that should all change.
  5. We started using the shotgun maybe 10 plays a game with my 7-8 year olds this fall season. I have mostly 8 year olds and there's such a huge difference between the 7's and 8'. sI have two centers that have been doing a great job getting the ball back to the QB and we haven't had a single fumble all season. As I'm typing that I realize I just jinxed myself since our first round of the playoffs is tomorrow. We drew the #4 seed and playing the #5. Should be a great game. The shotgun has allowed us to run a few more plays and give the QB more time to throw. My two favorite plays out of the shotgun are the draw and, at least once a game, the statue of liberty. If you have a center that can be consistent with the snaps I highly recommend it. It's worked out great for us this season.
  6. I would still send the rusher on D. If it's a run then you just have to coach the rusher to keep a closer I on that and maybe it will squash any inside runs. It'll still put pressure on the QB enough to disrupt a longer pass. If they aren't sending a rusher I would pass more. With no pressure on a QB (especially if the ref is lax on calling the 7 sec rule) you can pick a team apart if you have a talented QB. What age group do you have?
  7. (7-8 year olds) With an hour and a half practice.... 1 Warm ups, stretching and a lap - 10 min 2 Drills - 20 min 3 Play execution/scrimmage - 45 min 4 Fun drill (Sharks and minnows is always a favorite) - 15 min I always finish on a positive high note even if I have to make one up.
  8. Lacrosse is taking a lot of good football players away from football. It's a great sport but loving football the way I do it's a shame.
  9. I would audible from the sideline if I saw something. They would change on the fly and it seemed to confuse the offense. The key was to "stay home" and always push the runner or pass catcher to the inside. Orange it's a bend don't break defense and it really worked well. I didn't stick to just the 1-4 or 4-1. sometimes I would go to a 3-2. I would come out in one of the 3 different defensive sets every time but mostly the "reverse monster". I agree it would have been easy to break that D down if I stayed in it every play but since I didn't they couldn't really plan for it. Alfred - the 1-4 worked ok against the run but I put my fastest player on the nose and he just went side to side while the other 4 (7 yards back) would react. I generally keep my slower players on the inside. I would preach for my faster players on the outside that no one gets outside you and to always push the runner to the inside and use your help. Good luck and let me know how it works for you.
  10. Well we had our first round of playoffs today against That team that smoked us a couple of weeks ago. Here's the deal. The 4-1 (4 on the line) worked GREAT for any running plays. Called it the monster D. We had last week to try it against a team we were able to handle. For this week we tried what we called the "reverse monster" which is switching up the 4-1 to a 1-4. I still blitzed out of the 1-4 from different angles. They got a few short passes on us but for the most part we shut down the middle to long passes. We lost today but the kids were not upset because they knew we played much better and the team we played knew they were lucky to get by us. They were the better team but we held our own. The defense is one I would recommend against a pass heavy team but keep them on their toes by switching to a 3-2 or the "monster D". Good luck Alfred. Let us know if you try it out.
  11. Well just an update. We tried the new defense and it was a terrible disaster. The team we played was far better than ours and had an excellent passing game. I still think the 4-1 will work well against an evenly matched team (1 being my monster or blitzer). I'll try it again on Sunday but if by half time we're getting killed I'll change it up on the fly. For those that have viewed and read my first post......Wish me luck.
  12. Wow...#4 was a beast especially defensively. You've got some talented (and large) eight year olds there. We don't pass nearly as much as you do. Sharp crisp looking offensive plays with good spacing. Speed kills!
  13. Hey guys, Just looking for feed back here. In a 5 on 5, 7-8 year old league....I just changed up from a 3-2 to a 4-1. I haven't seen too much talk about the 4-1 on the site. There isn't much passing in games (maybe 3 per side at most). With the strong propensity to running I found the 4-1 to work pretty well. We've only used it once but it seems to hid my less talented players well. I put them in the middle two slots and have my quickest, most aggressive player 7 yards back to blitz or just play a "monster" type. The 3-2 seemed to bite us in the back side from time to time and even on good plays we still let up yards. If I can get them to stay home and play in their area I think the 4-1 should work. 3 weeks to go in the season till playoffs and hoping for the best. Thanks for any advise.
  14. That's a great idea. I do something very similar in that all my guys are numbered 1 through 5 but I have a small white erase board and can write the play with assignments very quickly. These guys at that 7-8 age (and even when they were 5-6) really respond to a visual instruction. Makes it real simple.
  15. Hello Everyone, Just signed up. What a great site. Tons of information and I plan on putting it to use as soon as this Saturday. My second season coaching a 7-8 year old 5 on5 league and I think I'm more excited than the kids. Thanks for all the plays, drills and advise. Your experience (ups and downs) is going to be a tremendous help. Keep up the good work.
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