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  1. directorjaguarstexas

    New Coach Need Help

    I apologize as forum director for not responding. I've been offline...I would be more than happy to assist you in anyway with any questions you have. I've been involved with coaching for 7 years now in USA track and field. Please email me with any questions.
  2. directorjaguarstexas

    Coaching Postions

    HI GBrownGill...When I took over this forum, I lived in Texas....ironically...I've moved to Georgia....To Gwinnett County(dang I hope I spelled that corretly..still learning)... I'm currently with the Northside Road Runners. I live in Norcross. I've been here 6 weeks now. I have 7 years experience in USA track and field and my own boys (10yrs, 13yrs, 16yrs) are all Nationally ranked. JO competitors. Even though I am with a club..I'd be more than happy to help you in anyway...please let me know what I can do....If you need to contact me sooner please do so by emailing my home address... mitch34mitch@yahoo.com. Good luck!
  3. directorjaguarstexas

    Distance Runners

    Middle school athletes are at that cross road of "well I run since my friends are doing it..but I really don't care".. so you're correct in saying you should keep it fun. The type of dirlls I would do with this age: high knee drills, kick butts, the majorette drill, sprint drills, (if you need more detail let me know and I'll provide that for you) Lot's of streching. Evaluating distance runners: Time trials are the only way to ensure that your distance runners are improving. My runners take weekly 20 min runs which are timed. No target times, but I keep a record of what they ran the week prior, and after each meet on Saturday I expect times to drop. Usually this is done every Wed. hump day practice. I also evaluate them based on their performance at the last meet. I demand that my athletes consistantly improve on their times. This can be done. Making it fun will be hard. I can only suggest endless mile relay exchanges (kids love that baton!) as well as duck duck goose games (on the track of course) each athlete depending on if he's a sprinter, quater milers, half or miler. Have them run a quater each time they're pickd. Your distance runners should run at least an 800. I found this to be fun for the kids. Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.
  4. directorjaguarstexas

    New Track Coach Needs Help

    First thing....Relax..It will be fine... 1) Take time trials- You have serveral ways of determining who will be able to do what events. a) If they're "big boned" for lack of a better term, you know chances are they'll be doing your field events. So that eliminates a few. Take the entire group on a timed run. Let me suggest about a 10 run. From that you may want to list all the girls and be sure to post the times that they finished. What I do is put a watch on a watch. That means I time the timed run. Based on their times you'll know your "true" distance runners from your middle distances and sprinters. c) Next time you ladies in the 100 m dash. Of course you're narrowing the field. You find out who the true sprinters are at that time. Then time the 200 m dash. Afterwhich time the 400 m dash, then the 800 m dash. You've already covered the mile with the 10 min. run. By then you should have a clearer picture of what each lady can do. Of course you know that all 80 will probably not stay. But once you find out what type of events to put each athlete in things won't be so bad. Then your volunteers can each take a group and work out. I hope this helps. Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you. And good luck. I'll check my post often this week. I'm actually hosting a track meet this weekend. Good luck- directorjaguarstexas
  5. directorjaguarstexas

    Distance Runners

    How old are your athletes? My athletes run at least 8 miles per week, plus their workout. And they should do sprint work as well to increase their turn over coming into the home stretch.
  6. directorjaguarstexas

    Distance Runners

    I coach 9-14 year old middle distance athletes and I'm also looking for new ideas. Please share...... My athletes do a 15 min run on hills to give them stronger(powerful) legs and to help them learn to fight off the latic acid build up.
  7. directorjaguarstexas

    Middle School 200 Meter Race

    Over training is the key! Your child should be running 250 & 300 meters. This will give the overage needed in finishing the 200. This is not an easy race therefore the athlete has to be able to handle the latic acid build up in his glutes. Your athlete shoud sustain maximum or near-maxium sprint speed over a longer distance. There should be a very short recovery between intervals. This training forcing the athlete to contend with incomplete recovery and high lactate presence on the second rep. This type of over training works wonderus. I woud suggest 1-300 m with a jog back going directly into 1 250 m with a jog back and finishing with another 250 m with a complete rest afterwhich.
  8. directorjaguarstexas

    Relay Handoff

    Hi Gabirele, Okay, I'm not sure what the ages are for your athletes. But if they are new commers I'd start with the basics. Have them stand against the wall. Extend their arms back to establish a marking on the wall. I used tape to mark my athletes reach. If you're using the up high exchange method, train them to roll their arm out and back locking the elbow plam up and out with L shape between index finger and thumb. have them move their arms in a running motion for a three count and then have them reach back hitting their mark on the wall. that will teach them how to receive the baton and where their mark should be. That's a start. I usually have my kids do enough sets where their arms are tired. Then after a break restart the process again. That's my method, maybe someone out there has better one. But try it and see. T
  9. directorjaguarstexas

    Coaching Runners

    Hi DougO, First of all, you're dealing with girls, very tempermental girls. Doug, I'm a female coach, I was also an athlete. Man when I tell you my coaches caught the mood swings. Just hang in there. You definitley want to keep it fun to keep their attention but you'd also like to see improvement. My suggestion, keep accurate notes of all workouts to be sure improvements are being made. When you notice slacking pull that person aside and talk to them. What I do with my youth girls is during streching, we go over the workouts for that day. I let them know what's expected and times that they should hit. Keep it fun...break up stress!!!! When you feel you're losing them, stop...regroup, try something fun... But accurate record keeping will be the key point. good luck!!!
  10. directorjaguarstexas

    Coaching Youth Track

    Hi Bruce! Welcome to the world of youth track and field. I'm the Director for a the Mainland Jaguars in La Marque Tx. We're under USA Track and Field. Bruce, the best advise I can give you is to be patient and learn your athletes. Start out easy for the first couple of months. Remind your athletes that winning is great but it's not everything. Don't allow your runners to peak too soon. From Jan- Mar- preseason endurance training. Don't allow alot of speed work, try to get your athletes in shape. Running hills during preseason is wonderful. Basically focus on cardio, the rest will follow. Good luck.