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  1. I have seen harder hits in our flag football games then this.

  2. Underworld Awakening was definetely a good movie.

  3. The BEARS sign Phil Emery for the new GM position. My FB wall just blew up so fast once this was announced. Now Mr Emery sign FORTE!!!

  4. Time to watch Moonshiners

  5. Michigan wins!!!!! VT played a very tough game.

  6. Nice play by Shoelace

  7. Just a thought why isn't the Bears putting Spaeth in to help Webb SMH

  8. Eat that Lakers. Go Bulls!!!

  9. Merry Christmas family and friends. Hope you all have a great day.

  10. Back pain was the one thing NOT on my Christmas list.

  11. Matt Forte is on The League tonight.

  12. Way to go Cardinals beating the Cowgirls

  13. Sharing this from Kwesi. Download this app if your a Bears fan. There's a new Bears app out for the iphone and droid by Yinzcam. They have lots of game day info on it.

  14. Ok we just hit Krispy Kreme, they did not have any Red Velvet made....epic fail.

  15. In case you haven't heard I won the autographed Johnny Knox jersey. I want to sen out a BIG thanks to all that helped me win this. Especially to the folks that posted on the link on your wall. I could not have done it without you. I am VERY HAPPY!!! BEARDOWN!!!

  16. The Johnny Knox contest is now over. The results we be posted later today. Thank You to all that helped. I really appreciate it. BEARDOWN!!!

  17. GO BLUE!!! What a great game.

  18. Bye bye Dennis Erickson

  19. Went to see Jack and Jill with Christopher today. It only cost us $3.50 for the tickets, xl popcorn and 2 drinks. Thanks to the Bears parents.

  20. Suh ejected. Here comes another fine.

  21. My house always sound like a battlefield thanks to my son playing Call of Duty.

  22. Another nice Bears win.

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