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  1. My house always sound like a battlefield thanks to my son playing Call of Duty.

  2. Another nice Bears win.

  3. Lions fans showing their true colors and boo'ing...priceless

  4. Rough night just spent a couple hours cleaning at the old house.

  5. This Stanford and USC game has been a good one. Go Stanford.

  6. Everything is moved and the old house is clean. Its Miller Time.

  7. I dislike moving, positive note only 1 more day of it. It does suck not knowing the house has natural gas by finding out when I went to take a shower.

  8. Just watched Beavis and Butthead. Still a funny show

  9. Jags brought it tonight.

  10. I want to thank all of you that have posted, lots of great information. I am doing a lot of the things you all are discussing so I know I am going in the right direction. It's so nice to have a forum like this to chat with other coaches to improve my teams. There is nothing better then seeing your team win a game and seeing how happy the kids are with a victory. So much on the internet people want you to pay for information. After all it is about the kids and teaching them the great game of football and teaching them to have good sportsmanship. One thing that I as a coach need to improve on is game day. Making sure I am making the proper adjustments on both sides of the ball. Last season I learned a lot from another Dad on what types of plays to run against certain defenses. I had posted a topic before about this but did not get a lot of response. I see many look at the topics but don't post much. Can any of you give me more pointers for this? For example when playing against a man Defense running crossing routes. I REALLY DO APPRECIATE ALL OF YOUR HELP. Thanks
  11. Thanks alot I appreciate the info. It will help keep the practices a bit more organized. I have been told before not to really scrimmage much but when we got away from that during the week the kids would not play as well in games.
  12. Thanks I appreciate the info. Any suggestions on how to get kids to stay in their zones? No matter how hard and what age many of them are not grasping their area to cover. We even tried marking out the area during practice but I still felt like we were getting the deer in the headlight look.
  13. Yes sir I am. So you know it's competitive. What age group you in?
  14. I am going to be coaching a 7-8 team and a 9-11 team starting in Sept. both of the teams are going to be on the younger and smaller size. The league I play in is 5 on 5 and there is rushing allowed from 7yd out. I need some advice as to what plays you all would think would be effective. I have been in the league for about 5 seasons but never have really had an issue like this. The league is VERY competitive so any help or advice would be appreciated.
  15. I have a question. How do you teach the kids to stay at home? Do you have any drills? I love zone D but on both my 7-8 and 12-14 teams the kids always seem to leave their zone.
  16. We play 5 on 5 and what I do is each position is numbered. 1 QB 2 RB 3 Center 4 Slot receiver 5 Ouside receiver I am allowed to be in the huddle for my 7-8 team and have all my plays and in each position is numbered and it shows there route. All the kids know before getting in the huddle what position number they are playing. All I have to do is point to the play we are going to run and all the kids know and understand it. It is such an easy concept the kids understand. For the older teams I can call out the play to the QB from the sideline and the QB shows the players what the play is from there wrist band.
  17. Good videos much appreciated. I am going to have my QB's do them tonight.
  18. It is nice to see another from AZ on here. We usually play 3 seasons of football which really help the kids improve. One thing I see is some of the coaches making adjustments to which ever "D" the other team is playing like 3-2, 2-3etc. I was just wondering if certain plays work better against different defensive formations. There is 1 team my 7-8's will be playing that has been just destroying teams and I really want to be prepared. Plus as competitive the games are for my 12-14 team I would like to hone my skills as a ccoach.
  19. I just wanted to start off by saying I love this forum, lots of good free information. I coach 2 teams one team 7-8 and the other 12-14. We play 5 on 5 with rushing allowed. My question is does anyone have certain plays to play against various defenses. The league we play in is very competititve. My 7-8 team is so far 4-1 for the season and we just got our first loss this pass weekend. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Great drills. Anyone have any to help with QB accuracy?
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