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  1. Coaches the season is right around the corner! What offense are you thinking about running? I run the rocket wing t, regardless of what kind of talent I have.
  2. Get a series of 5 plays and get them perfect, also giving reps to back ups.
  3. Defensive end contain- playing 9 techniques ( outside should of the tighend or last player on the line of scrimmage). Outside linebackers will have c gap responsibility. Middle backer has A gap/ nose has other A gap. You can always cheat you linebackers out to help against outside plays. Get film on you opponents, it will help.
  4. 4 cone, 3 cone and W drills- are the best drills for youth football. These drills are great agility and conditioning drills that every player can benefit from, regardless of position. http://www.youtube.c...u/3/Eb63U3kcxa8
  5. Discipline with gap responsibilities and penetration. D tackles need to anchor and get penetration.
  6. Hide the weaker players inside, nose guards....but them inside...because most teams will run off tackle and to the outside. Bring your corners up and outside. On this age level passing is probably rare.
  7. Youtube-Outside linebacker loop This is a play I use when I know a team is going to sweep at me. Good Luck.
  8. I agree with royal flush.....we have a sweep, power, counter, trap, screen and a play action pass. You do not need many plays you need a series of plays that all work off each other. I have 12 plays (counting them running to both RT and LT) but I have two formations that I use....depending on the defense we are facing game day. 12 plays running out of two formations. 50 plays crazy.
  9. Nothing better then that, seeing that kid smile.... nice job coach good luck!
  10. I am a screamer as well. I mean I am not screaming negatively in anyway but just coaching really hard. Football is a tough game, need dominate commanding personalities coaching! Good Luck coach!
  11. Hey Coach, Have him down block-block the defender inside of him. Double teams, and cut blocks. Probably what I would do....try to stay away from base blocking. Check out our YFO ALL Star he only has one arm, it is a great story. Youth Football All Star Coach Jeff
  12. http://ezinearticles.com/?Winning-Youth-Football-Practice-Routine&id=4587396 this is how i run my practices. I have a large number of new players that never play football before....basics are everything. I agree. Good Luck Coach.
  13. As long as the kids are in a squatting position for a complete second before the QB yells down you should not have a problem. The offensive linemen do not have to get into a three down stance. Make sure the formation has 7 guys on the line of scrimmage. You should be fine...in my league that is the rule, and most likely in your as well. What offense you guys running?
  14. Yeah if a player does not practice he should not play. It is not fair to the other kids on the team. I'd lose a game and sit my best player before I let a kid dictate how much he wants to practice and how hard he wants to work. None of that nonsense should be tolerated. You Don't practice you don't play. Nice Post though.
  15. Yeah I like the double wing offense as well.
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