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    Softball: Was a softball pitcher in high school and college; recieved a scholorship to play softball in college; All American Rookie Pitcher of the Year in 1999; College softball pitching coach for 3 years; give private pitching lessons for ages 8-14<br /><br />Basketball: First year coaching basketball for middle school<br /><br />Track & Field: First year coaching middle school track and field
  1. CoachThomas

    Can't Throw Ball Straight

    What I always like to remind my girls is that wherever you palms is facing that is where the ball in going to automaticly go. Also if she is releasing the ball, make sure her upper body is faceing her target.
  2. CoachThomas

    How Many Pitches ?

    I don't think the number of pitches really matter. The time that is put in to the pitching practice is what matters. When I first started pitching, I would practice for at least 45 minutes to an hour. Mostly working on accuracy in each corner. Then I would work on each individual pitches. I think that is more of a time because that is what will build up the endurance for a pitcher when it is time to play during the summer months when you may play 3 or 4 games that day. I think that if I had to pick a number, for a 12 year old girl that 150 is OK, then move up as she gets older.
  3. CoachThomas

    Fun Practices?

    There's a game that I played in high school but this can be played with any level. You have one person start at each position. The you have a hitter. You can use either a real pitcher or a pitching machine. The batter hits the ball. If they get out, then they rotate. The hitter goes to RF, RF moves to CF, CF moves to LF, LF moves to 3rd, 3rd moves to SS, SS moves to 2nd, 2nd moves to 1st, and 1st goes in to the end of the line to hit. This works because it gives everybody a chance to play every position. It also gives them each a chance to hit. It puts pressure on the fielders to make the plays so that they can move on to the next position. It's always been fun and it keeps everybody active and attentive.
  4. I'm a new middle school track and field coach doing middle distance and long distance. I am also doing long jump and triple jump. Are there any practices, drills, or websites that would be good. Thanks so much!