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  1. Here is my take on this...for what it is worth. You are born with a genetic ceiling some kids have a much higher ceiling than others for various reasons. But it takes hard work, dedication, and the desire to succeed on the part of the athlete and a good line of coaches training that young athlete to truly maximize the athlete's ceiling. My take on that is that is only a very very small percentage of athletes actually ever reach their true genetic ceiling due to poor training...poor PE programs (I mean we have some of the worst PE programs in the entire world and it is only getting worse). I spend a lot of time doing athletic development with my kids and the payoff is huge as they reach their HS years. It reduces injuries, increase the likelihood of increased athletic performance, and more importantly it gives them self-confidence in their ability to push themselves beyond their normal limits which is something most young athletes don't get at the lower levels. The sooner you start a broad based athletic development program with your kids the better off they will be...let them play a variety of sports because the more movement skills they learn and master the more they improve on that athletic ability. So in the nutshell...you are born with it but it takes good coaching and drive to maximize it. Jack
  2. Coach if you go to www.gregorydoublewing.com and click on articles you can find some info on the 63 Defense. I have two playbooks that you can download from there. Gregory Doublewing If you have any questions just let me know. Jack
  3. Coaches, Here is the link to the EBOOK. The hardcopy is coming out in two weeks. For some reason it keeps getting pushed by the printer but it mostly has to do with the printer being backlogged. It should be out by first week of May. The EBOOK can be found at: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1613 I have issued a coupon for the new book as well for everyone on the message boards that is good until May 20th for the EBOOK. It is 20% off the price: BT43N If you get a chance please leave me a reviews on the site. If you have gotten the YDW book and please leave a review on the site if you get a chance as well. As always if you need anything else please don't hesitate to email me. I have gotten a ton of email and messages the last few weeks on the book and its release date. Sorry for it taking so long. You can also find my new book Youth Double Wing: A Winning Youth Offense on the site as well and if you would like a copy here is the coupon code for 50% off: RJ23C Link: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1522 I am sorry I have not posted on here in while I try to post on here a little more now that I have a lot more free time. Jack
  4. Coach, I have seen 6 and 7 year olds run the Single Wing and with great success. In a lot of ways the offense simplifies a lot of things in the backfield for you. It really comes down to how comfortable you are as a coach in coaching this or anything else. Kids can typically run anything you teach them as long as you spend the time in developing it so that it will work for you at that level. You also have the choice of getting someone's stuff that has already spent that time developing a system for that age level as well. Dave Ciser's stuff is SW and developed specifically for the youth level. Jack
  5. Coach you can go to www.gregorydoublewing.com and you download some free playbooks on there from my Article page. There is tons of stuff on my article page. A lot of it from me and a lot from other coaches as well that have allowed me to post it there for your access. The FORUM PLAYBOOK and JJ Lawon's OLINE MANUAL are on the ARTICLE page...download those and read them...they are free and work great as a stand alone offense. Also if you have any specific questions feel free to ask them here or IM or email me and I would be more then happy to answer any question you have to get you up an running. Take care. Jack
  6. 2008 Eastlake Double Wing Free Web-Clinic June 14th, 2008 9:00AM to 3:00PM Schedule of Events: Developing a Youth Athletic Development Program Jack Gregory What to Do When Your Offense Isn't Working (Troubleshooting the YDW) Jack Gregory Troubleshooting your Power Play - Kenny Mead Making the Leap from SAB to TKO Blocking Jack Gregory Developing a Passing Attack Using Play Action & Spread Concepts that Compliment the DW Jack Gregory/Kenny Mead Getting the most out of your Athletic QB in the YDW How to use the KEEP, FOLLOW, BOOT, and FUMBLE Tags Jack Gregory We will have a Chat Room set up at http://forums.delphiforums.com/dwingers/chat and select DWFC CHAT for questions and comments during the clinic. The entire web clinic is free and all of the presentations are built around the newly released book Youth Double Wing; A Winning Youth Offense as well as the newly release five disc DVD Series from Championship on the Youth Double Wing. If interested in the book you can go to: http://www.wordclay.com/BookStore/BookStor...px?bookid=18918 If you interested in the DVDs you can go to: Youth Double Wing Offense If you would like to attend the web-clinic simply go to the DWS site and sign up for it. Click 2008 Eastlake Double Wing Clinic. http://www.doublewingsymposium.com/amember/signup.php You will need an updated version of QuickTime and a current version of your web browser to ensure the stream runs smoothly. Thanks, Jack Gregory
  7. Coaches, We have completed our entire beta testing for the LIVE WEBCAST at the 5th Annual Double Wing Symposium. We have set up the purchase page as well as the library page so that you may select the presentations you wish to view. Please see the schedule below and remember all times are CENTRAL STANDARD times. If you have never viewed a live webcast you will need to make sure you do the following: 1) Make sure you have an up-to-date Quick Time viewer (7.4.1) from Apple loaded on your system. Our secure viewer is QT. 2) Make sure your web browser is up-to-date as well, with the latest drivers and plug-ins. 3) Make sure you have enough RAM and Virtual RAM, as streaming media is a memory hog. If you don’t shut down all other programs while you view the presentations it will lock up or lag on you if don’t have enough memory. You can expand your Virtual RAM in your system (this is temporary memory used via your hard drive as RAM). Type in “Increasing Virtual Ram” in your help section of your OS help section or in the web search window and it will walk you through the process of expanding your VM. 4) We will be using the DW FORUM CHAT ROOM to take questions as the presentation is occurring - http://forums.delphiforums.com/dwingers/chat The chat will be listed as DWS WEBCAST. Simply enter chatroom and state identify yourself. If you have a question we will relay it to the coach so that he can answer it for you. 5) I would highly recommend using FireFox as your web browser. It is a free download at http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/launch/?utm_s...aign=postlaunch and a lot better web browser for streaming media. It will transfer your favorites folder while it does the down load and you can choose to use it has your primary browser or simply click on the desktop short cut when you need to use it. Schedule of Presentations: Tim Murphy – Clovis East 44 Defense Scheme 02/29/08 – 0800 to 0900 Jason Mensing – Implementing the Double Wing from the Youth to the High School 02/29/08 – 0915 to 1015 JJ Lawson – 33 Stack Defense for Youth Football 02/29/08 – 1030 to 1130 Leon Feliciano – Running the Toss Out of Multiple Formations 02/29/08 – 1415 to 1515 Robert McAdams – Strength and Weight Training for Football 02/29/08 – 1530 to 1630 Tim Murphy – Clovis East Counter Pass 03/01/08 – 0800 to 0900 Jason Mensing – Developing the Basic System in the Double Wing 03/01/08 – 0915 to 1015 Gregg Vann – Tackling Fundamentals and Progressions 03/01/08 – 1145 to 1245 Ted Seay & Charlie Eaton – 2-Level Defensive Scheme 03/01/08 – 1300 to 1400 Dave Potter – Progressive Coaching Part 3 – Program Development for Youth Football 03/01/08 – 1415 to 1515 Leon Feliciano – Practice Planning for the Double Wing 03/01/08 – 1530 to 1630 Robert McAdams – How to Execute the Olympic Lifts 03/01/08 – 1645 to 1745 Each presentation is $10.00 and can be purchased and accessed via www.doublewingsymposium.com by registering to become a member/logging in and adding the presentation and then accessing it via your purchased subscriptions. If you have any questions feel free to email me at coachgregory@live.com. This is the first time that a football clinic has ever done a live webcast, so this is history in the making coaches! Big thanks go to Creative Scientist and Rob Olide for development and to Randall Perry of Systame Hosting for providing the guidance on the live streaming. Thanks, Coach Gregory
  8. 5th DWS List of Presenters and Guest Speakers (so far) Guest Speakers Tim Murphy, Head Coach - Clovis East High School, CA Topic 1 - Clovis East 44 Defensive Overview Topic 2 - Clovis East Counter Pass Jason Mensing, Head Coach - Tecumseh High School, MI Topic 1 - Program Development - Implementing the DW from the Youth to the HS Level Topic 2 - Developing the Basic System in the DW Leon Feliciano, Head Coach - Tomales High School, CA Topic 1 - Running the Toss out of Multiple Formations Topic 2 - Practice Planning for the Double Wing Robert McAdams, DW and Strength/Conditioning Coach, Texas Topic 1 - Strength and Weight Training for Football Topic 2 - (I will get the final presentation from Robert in the next few weeks!) Presenters JJ Lawson (veteran youth coach) - 33 Stack Defense Derek Wade (veteran high school/youth coach) - Special Teams - Mob Kick John Torres (veteran youth coach) - Progressive Coaching Part 2: Practice Plan Development Coach Leonard Johnson HC of Scott's Branch HS, SC. Scott's Branch High School DW Success Story Greg Vann (veteran Youth/HS coach) - Tackling Fundamentals and Tackling Progression Jack Gregory (veteran Youth/HS coach) - DW - Rocket Wedge Series More to follow! Break Out Sessions JJ Lawson - Forum DW Playbook Review JJ Lawson - Dominant O-Line Manual Review LET ME KNOW IF ANYONE ELSE WANT TO DO A BREAKOUT OR HAS A REQUEST FOR A SPECIFIC COACH ATTENDING TO DO A BREAKOUT SESSION! More to follow! Panels 5th Double Wing Youth Coaches "Bobble Head" Panel Topic: Not decided - need a lead on this as well as a topic! 2nd Double Wing Core Panel Topic: "Pre-Season Practice and Program Development" (20 to 23 hours of estimated presentations and demos) PRICES FOR THE SYMPOSIUM Individual Coaches - $75.00 Group Rate - (4 or more coaches) $30.00 discount off of above price ($45.00 per coach) All coaches must pay at one time for group rate. A list of names needs to be placed in the remarks during payment so that I can place all the coaches on the entry roster. I can do Purchase Orders through schools and organizations but I need a confirmation from the payee once I send an invoice to the coach/school/admin) Once you reserve your spot it is non-refundable. www.gregorydoublewing.com/DWS.html (pay for your spot and more info) Jack
  9. Coach, If you go to my website at www.gregorydoublewing.com and go down to JJ Lawson's "Coaching a Dominant Offensive Line" that will help you a lot. It has a blocking progression called LEG that teaches you how to develop the movement you want. There are plenty of other resources on blocking on that page as well. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Jack
  10. Coach as long as they are not on the line of scrimmage they can be facing their own goal line as far as the rules are concerned. And they don't have to mirror one and another. Whoever is telling you this doesn't not understand the rules (both NFHS and NCAA). Jack
  11. Aggressive attitude in football comes from two things; a natural tendancy to be aggressive and experience. Kids that are naturally aggressive are gold on a football team but more often then not most kids have to learn how to be aggressive and a lot of that comes from being confident in what they are doing (scheme and technique wise) and being instinctive instead of trying to walk through what they are supposed to do. 1) Limit their responsibilities so that they can easily cycle through their job and then get there. 2) Rep, rep, and more reps in tackling and pursuit as well as their technique. 3) Make sure your defensive scheme is sound because often when players try to do another persons job (make up) it takes their ability to be aggressive out of the equation. 4) Introduce games like power ball, deer hunter, king of the ring, and other combat related drills that allow kids to go get after someone.. Jack
  12. Double Wing Symposium Online Football Coaching Video Library Learn how to coach football from experienced youth and high school football coaches from around the country on the most robust online football coaching video library. The emphasis is on the Double Wing Offense and how to run it. Also included are video presentations on blocking, special teams, defense, game planning, scouting, game filming, handling issues directly related to youth and high school football coaching and many more subjects. The GOLD MEMBERSHIP is $20.95 a month and gives you access to all the presentations from the first four symposiums. It is a full membership that gives you access to all of our symposium material for one month and is reoccurring on a monthly basis until cancelled via your PayPal account. There are over 70 hours (and growing) of content to choose from and view. The SILVER MEMBERSHIP is $12.75 a month. This is our “Double Wing Feature Package” and it includes all the content from the Bronze package plus a rotating series of topical presentations. There is an average of 30 hours of content to choose from and view. The BRONZE MEMBERSHIP is $6.50 a month. This is our "Double Wing Beginner's Package" and allows you to access select presentations on the Double Wing Offense and coaching techniques and skills. Currently, there are 19 hours of content on the Double Wing Offense and football coaching in general. All you need to view the video is the most current version of Quick Time as well as an up to date version of your browser (for QT). This is the most cost effective way to receive detailed content on the Double Wing Offense, football coaching techniques, and football knowledge in general from the experts. All content is taken from the Double Wing Symposiums held annually in Frisco, Texas. On average, every Double Wing Symposium adds an additional 24 hours worth of coaching presentations to the online video library. For more information on the online video library and the upcoming 5th Annual Double Wing Symposium go to www.doublewingsymposium.com. Thanks! Jack Gregory
  13. Coach this should help you out: http://www.gregorydoublewing.com/53_Defense.pdf This should help you out. Also if you go the below link and scroll down to defense you can find a bunch of articles on defense. http://www.gregorydoublewing.com/ARTICLES.html Jack
  14. http://www.gregorydoublewing.com/Severe_An...g_Pres_2005.pps Should explain everything for you. Jack
  15. Coach, Use Coupon Code - 6FE52 - It allows for 30 days of Bronze membership. If you like it you can upgrade to silver or gold later. www.doublewingsymposium.com Jack
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