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  1. Update - We had a game this past Saturday and lost by a deep pass thrown on us in the last 30 seconds for a TD. I am NOT upset at all. My boys played AWESOME. After taking advice from here and color coding my plays, keeping them simple and adding lots of mis direction, using good flag pulling we played a really nice game. The team we played had NOT been beat and the coach from that team told me after the game he hadn't seen a better coached team. His team had ran the score up to like 50 to something on the team the week before. His team is GOOD but they could barely move the ball on us and we scored twice against them. I have a very good grasp of the offensive side and thought I had a solid defense until we got burned twice on deep passes. Can someone recommend a "standard" defense to run with 7 on 7? What I did was play 6 on the line and had my fastest kid back as a safety. He obviously did NOT stay home and the passes worked against us. The run got shut DOWN. My son as well as 2 others were back behind the LOS almost everyplay pulling a flag for a loss of yards. On the other hand we got beat deep with the pass. Suggestions?
  2. Coach Rob..thanks. They only allow 1 coach on the field so I must do it all..I will implement an unbalanced formation and a few plays like you mentioned. I was kinda thinking that way but appreciate the response. The play you mention with the unbalanced formation and 1 slot on the right side, how would they play go down? The QB would fake to him then run right? Or would he handoff to the slot?
  3. thanks coach teedub and others. I do appreciate the encouraging words and attached plays. I honestly think those are way to difficult to teach the team I have. Passing at this time is not even an option. I would like to start with 4-6 very basic plays that I can get them to master before moving on to passing or running routes or lining up in different formations. The biggest problem I had my first 2 games (which were back to back so not much time to adjust) was that the kids did not know where to lineup when we broke out of huddle. Part of the problem is my fault as I was frustrated due to lack of time to call the play and frustrated because I know the kids I have are athletic but just need a very simple basic formation to run. I tried changing up positions after every few plays to get more kids touches, that was a cluster. It became so frustrating I just had them lineup with 5 on the line a rb and a qb then had the qb sneak or handoff left or right. And the defense knew what play we were going to run each time. I had my first practice last night after our initial games and it was much more productive. I spent more time huddling the kids, going over the play and making sure each kid knew what to do, etc. I don't think I was spending enough time executing the plays before. I also noticed all the other teams in the league all line the kids up foot to foot all the way across the line on the Offensive side. There are no gaps anywhere on the line. The defenses seem very talented even lined up foot to foot the kids were coming through and pulling us in the back field behind the LOS. I have also stressed to the kids screen blocking and that also improved last night so hopefully this next weekend our games will be better. We got good stops, but at least once in each of our 2 games they hand to the fastest kid, he runs outside and is gone. I have adjust my defense for this and will try to force the runners back up the middle.
  4. I volunteered to coach my son's YMCA flag football. I have 9 kids playing in a 7 on 7 league. The kids range from 6 to 8. 4 of the 9 have never touched a football. My son (the qb) has played and is a well rounded player. We had our first 2 games this past weekend and lost both. We had about 5 practices leading up to the games. My practices are 1 hour twice a week Tuesday and Thursday. I have been following this board and reading all the tips, etc and have implemented lots of the drills in my practice. We do lots of flag pulling drills, lots of handoff drills, agility drills. We did well in our games on defense although I will make a few changes due to us being burned on the outside corners. That is where both of our opponents beat us on the run was around the outside. It rarely went up the middle and when it did we stuffed them or got them behind the LOS. I NEED help offensively. It was a cluster after each play having them all line back up in the same place and getting the play off in a timely manner. I also had lots of penaltys of my offense jumping offsides. I had a playbook, color coded but in the heat of the moment turned to "hey you go here" etc and it was confusing. I was inititally wanting to give all the kids a chance to touch the ball during games, but with what I saw after the first games that is dam near impossible at this age as they don't know the positions well enough to switch around quick enough and know what to do. I will start today with assigning a position and a color to that position so they know exactly where to go after each play. I am an over thinker..I keep going back and forth on the 4 or 5 plays I should use. I have seen all the playbooks on here..lots of good info but most of them seem to advanced for my team. I need 4-6 easy, solid plays that I can use. I have a few in mind let me know what you guys think. Keep in mind in this league they do allow the QB to run and everyone is an eligible receiver. They also allow rushing by anyone (we got killed in our backfield most of the time just trying to handoff) 1.end around 2.qb sneak What formation should I run that I can run 4-6 plays out of? I don't want to confuse the kids. I want to line them up same spot everytime and have a handful of plays to use. Should I use a RB or Tailback or just have everyone on the line and do end around / fake end around and QB sneak and bring the WR back to RB sometimes to do handoffs to? Please help me..I have practice tonight
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