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    Relay Handoff

    Can anyone provide some insight on how to coach the start and handoff for the relays?
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    Rookie Coach Seeking Advice

    Hi Chris. I'm an Italian baseball coach aged 27 and I started coaching when I was 20. At that time I didn't have any preparation, I just knew the game and how to play, but nothing about coaching and dealing with youth. Useless to say that I had a really hard time on the field. Then I studied a lot and made experience and now I can tell something I learnt to you. First of all consider your strenghts: your enthusiasm, your studies, your having a goal, I think you should emphasize these points to the parents. Then you'd better be humble and accept some advices from them during the season and, possibly, it's better if you can find other coaches who can help you sometimes along the season. I think that the most important things are being yourself, consider your qualities and have fun. As long you have fun on the field, the kids will have fun and learn and the parents will be happy. And sometimes expect to have some awful days. Good luck