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    I Cant Hit Curve Ball

    There are 2 solutions for this: In JV baseball you can move to the front of the batters box on a ?-2 count, expecting a curve. This way you hit it before it breaks In years later the curve ball will have more speed to where you cant move to the front of the box. This is like the machine. You need to wait, wait, wait for the curve ball. you should not pull it and the best curve ball hit will be up the middle. Keep your eye on the ball and WAIT. Swing when it start breaking.
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    nothing is better than the machine. My friend got a black eye from a hitaway.
  3. bronco9588

    Somebody Help

    I find this sad that i am the first to respond being a player, there isnt much support in this forum. I useto catch about 3 years ago and look back and wish i still was a catcher. Anyways the drills im familiar with might be a little bit to hard for a person of 8 years of age. I remeber where they would throw the baseball and you would stop it with your gear on, on your chest and that will teach you to stay infront and block the ball. Another thing you must consider is a catcher must be able to jump very quickly. I dont know of any good drills for that, but be creative. The one things they really drill on is the fundamentals for throwing and catching.
  4. bronco9588

    Incorrect Throwing

    I am an 8 year ball player and this is my freshman year at highschool. Over the years i have accidently got a side arm and am found in a sticky situation where it is now a habbit for me to throw side arm no matter how hard i try to go over the top. When i become sucessfull i get this pain in my elbow. Anyways I am not satisfied with my power nor my accuracy at side arm and want to throw right. It is muscle memory for me to throw side arm. Any suggestions?