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    Getting A Hard Swing For T-ball

    Slogar thanks for the reply and whenever you get a chance is great. I have all winter and am wrapping up with my older boys football which takes just about all my time. Have a good day and thanks again.
  2. I have a son that is 5 years old playing t-ball. I have his swing looking good. His mechanics are good as far as level swing, throwing hands out, turning hips ect. The problem I am having is he does not swing very hard. I know he can because when I use the hitting stick or practice with a tee against a fence he really takes a nice hard swing at it but when he gets on the field he shortens his swing and just taps the ball. I know they all learn differently and it will come I was just wondering if anyone knew some drills to do to strenthen his swing. Someone told me to use a flat basketball off the tee and tell him to hit it as hard as he can and this will make him swing harder. This is the kind of drills I am looking for. I figure I have all winter to work on it and need some advice on what has helped others in this situation. Thanks in advance for the replys PS One thing is he is having a blast playing and we all know this is the most important thing but he wants to hit to the outfield and does not mind practice which is kind of nice because his older bother has loads of talent but just likes to play the games.
  3. I coach a 9u team in the first year of kid pitch. I have a boy on my team that swings late every time. He has a pretty swing but just starts it too late. It does not matter if it is a slow pitcher or one bringing heat he is late every time. I did soft toss with him to make sure he is out in front with his swing but he just will not swing early on the field. Any suggestions or drills on making him start his swing earlier. Advanced thanks for the replies.
  4. Dan

    5 Yr Old Unhappy

    Thanks for the replies. I am just going to try and make sure he has fun this year and I am sure he will come back if I coach him next year.
  5. Dan

    5 Yr Old Unhappy

    Just need some input on my five year old. He is in his second year of t-ball and is just very unhappy playing. I asked if he wanted to play and he insisted he wanted to. Now when it is time to go to practice he just gives me the hardest time. I think there are two things that he does not like. One is that he is the youngest on his team (mostly six year olds) and just about everybody throws and catches better than he does. Another thing is that the coach makes the boys run when they are not paying attention, talking, horseing around ect. He is a very talkative boy that likes to have fun. I know that he should be paying attention but I think running boys at this age is a little much. I have coached against (both our older boys are 9) his coach for many years and have always liked him. I even asked if he could pick him if he had the chance. I did not know he ran his practices like he does so now I am in a little bit of a bind. Should I say something to him that maybe running the boys is not such a good ides at this age? I was also thinking of maybe letting him take a practice or two off and seeing if he can get refreshed. I just don't want him to dislike the game of baseball before he even gets the chance to enjoy it. I have coached my older son's team since he was six and he never acted like this. I will be letting my older one go and am going to start coaching my younger one after this season. Any suggestions on how to get him through the year wanting to come back next year so I can enjoy coaching him like I did my older one. I am sorry about the long post but I am just looking for answers where ever I can find them. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  6. Dan

    Getting Swing Back

    Thanks for everybody's input. Gator hit it right on. He has his swing back and is once again hitting it hard almost every time up. I really took a nice leason from this and that is patience, patience, patience. I think I got him all wigged out by telling him this and telling him that instead of just letting him come out of it himself. He is 4 for 4 in his last 4 at bats with 3 doubles and one single. I want to thank everyone again for there time and responses.
  7. Dan

    Getting Swing Back

    My son (8 yr old machine pitch league) just can not seem to hit the ball like he was last fall. He was my most consistent and best power hitter on my fall ball team. Seems like he has no clue now on how to hit the ball. It seem like he is putting all his weight on his back foot because he thinks he will get more power this way. What seems to be happening is that he can not get his bat around because he is having trouble getting the bat through the zone in time. Should I go all the way back to the tee or just do soft toss with him and try to get him to keep his weitht balanced on both feet. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you
  8. Dan

    Catcher's Prtective Glove

    It is mostly the palm of his hand. It is kind of strange because it just started to happen recently. I think his catcher's mitt is big enough but with him being only 7 the web is pretty small in it. I am thinking it will just take some time to get use to him not always catching it in the webbing. It took time to get him to have confidence to get behind the plate and know that the equipement will protect him so I guess I need to have more patiance with him. Thanks for the response.
  9. My son has been catching for a year now and is getting pretty good at it. He is 7 years old and gets right up behind the plate with no fear. He knows the epuipement will protect him (after his dad shelled out $100 fot it) but one problem he is having is that when he does not catch it in the web of the glove it is really stinging his hand. It is getting to the point that he is scared to catch it because he knows if he does not catch it in the web it is going to hurt. Someone told me that they make a glove for under a catcher's mitt to soften the blow. I looked at them and they range from $3 to $25. I don't mind spending the $25 if it is going to give him the confidence that when he catches the ball it will not hurt. Has anyone had this problem and are the $3 gloves as good as the $25 gloves?
  10. Dan

    Golf Swing

    I am teaching my oldest son to golf and my younger son always wants to hit balls at the range with us. I was told that learning to hit a golf ball can really mess up his baseball swing. I really have him hitting the baseball great and don't want to do anything to mess up his baseball swing after all the hard work he has put in. Did anyone ever hear that learning to golf can be bad for a baseball swing. Does anyone have kids that play baseball and golf and was it a problem to teach them two different swings.
  11. Dan

    Throwing Drills

    I could use some drills on how to strenghten my son's throwing arm. He is a catcher that played his first year of machine pitch that did not allow stealing. I really have him catching good he hardly ever let's anything get by him but next year they will be able to steal and he really needs to work on his throws. Does anyone know any drills to do besides just playing catch to make his arm stronger? It was suggested to me to get a weighted ball but I also heard that could be bad for his technique.
  12. Dan

    Somebody Help

    Thank you for your help. I think the biggest thing is getting him back in there after getting hit a couple of times. One more question. I got him all new equipement (shin guards, chest protector and new mask) because the epuipement the league had was pretty bad. One thing I did not buy is a new mitt. The one he is using is pretty small and all beat up. Would it be better for his confidence if he had a bigger and better catcher's mitt?
  13. Dan

    Somebody Help

    I am teaching my son (7 years old) how to catch. Catch in about 8 games last year but seems to have forgotten everything he learned. Is there any drills for new catcher's to give them confidence. Had a scrimmage game last week and just took a beating behind the plate. Is this just something he will have to go through fot a little while. Seemed to do alot better last year and just hoping everything will come back to him. Any drills, websites, books videos to get would be welcomed.