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  1. Ok, here is the deal, the 8-13 basketball league which I coach in is a joke. The commisioner is lazy and teams have lazy coaches. So, when we play them, because we work hard in practice, we beat teams by an average difference of 60 + points. I know what you're thinking, Why don't I put the less developed bench kids in? My answer is this, I only have 9 kids and all of them are really good except for 2. Any of my seven other players would be the best players on the other teams. So, when we get a good lead, the two underdeveloped kids play the remainder of the game. Now, I am not saying that there is not room for improvement with the 7 good kids, but I am torn between my compasion and being able to field a team. If the kids aren't allowed to try hard in the games, they threaten they will quit, but I need to be compasionate towards the other coaches and not purposly run up the score. In my opinion, I need to be able to field a team, before I can worry about what other teams think of us. Any thoughts or suggestions on the topic?