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    Bad Sportsmanship

    This season my team played an away game against a team that we clobbered 27-4 earlier in the season. We endured a lot of heckling from the opposing team at that home game from both the players and the coaches. It bothered me that an opposing coach would teach his girls that this was the way to play the game. When we played them at their field I expected the worse since we were told we might as well not show up. Needless to say, in the 5th inning we were up 10-2 with them batting. We had again endured heckling only now the spectators got involved. They do not like us at all. I called my girls and the umpire to the mound and forfeited the game and we left. The league granted us the victory so we kept a perfect record. Did I do the right thing? All of the parents thanked me for removing their girls from that situation but I am not sure what lesson I tought my players other than honoring the way the game should be played. Has anyone else had to deal with a similar situation? We will most likely play this team in the year end tournament next week and I am not looking forward to it.
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    Fielding 8 Players

    I have been a 14 under coach for 4 years now and luckily have not had to play with only 8 players until now. Our last game of the season against the second place team. We are in first with a 10-0 record and want to give my girls every chance I can to make it 11-0. I am not sure how to field 8 girls. Do I play shortstop deep to cover shallow left field or 2nd deep to cover all of right and have my shortstop cover second? This is a heavy hitting team we are going to face. We beat them 17-8 in our first meeting so I know what they bring to the table. Any advice??! Doug