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  1. Well things have went a little bit better over the past day. On paper I have 20 kids on my team, but I know I'm not going to keep them through the whole season and plus the guy who's suppose to help me coach told me he wasn't going to be able to help me this season so practically I'm coaching the team by myself.
  2. Ok basically this is my first time coaching football. I'm coaching little kids from 5-9 years old and basically the problem is that I'm low on assistant coaches. I have 1 coach who's helping but he has had other problems to attend to recently, so today I had the kids to myself and I had a difficult time trying to keep them interested and involved because. Basically I need some advice, and some drill suggestions because I can keep doing the same drill over and on top of that since I have all the kids at the same time it's hard to teach them all at the same time. Is there any advice that anyone can offer? I'm really afraid that the kids might lose interest in the game and it'll get to the point I won't have many players on my team at all. I'm coaching tackle football btw.