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  1. I have to disagree. Playing Madden or any EA College Football will help kids understand football. It also gets them to watch football. The kids in our league are leaps and bounds better than kids 30 years ago. Their knowledge of the game amazes me. My son has played baseball, basketball, and football video games since he was a small child. He rarely plays any other types of games. He also watches ESPN. He knows more about football than most adults. Then again he also has played poker since he was 5 years and he has great math skills. The EA games stimulate their little minds. Our football team still has kids that have no idea what offense or defense is. I'm sure they do not play Madden. Another example is he plays Nascar 09 with a steering wheel and pedals, and I bet he could drive my truck almost as well as my wife. Yet another classic post. Watching espn or playing a video game has absolutely NOTHING to do with playing the game on grass. You are funny, you need to take your act on the road. Saying you have kids that do not know the difference between offense and defense because they don't play video games is absolutly absurd. Who coaches these kids?
  2. Coach, I looked at your play book, The formations are illegal you have 6 players in the backfield and only 5 on the line of scrimmage, you must have at least 7 on the line of scrimmage.
  3. Double wing, Single wing, Wing T. All utilize double teams traps and pulling and multiple blockers at the point of attack. all of these offenses are very coaching intensive, but by far the best for undersize linemen. The only other thing would be option football, like the service acadamy's use, and I do not think that there is enough practice time at the youth level to give it justice. I have run double wing, option, and now Wing T at the youth level and I have faced dozenes of single wing teams all are effective offenses the key ingedient is how effective you are as a coach to get the kids to execute. double wing has the most support and the most coaches willing to help a guy out. Most of the others you are on your own. good luck
  4. Tom, nine man football is rare, a few youth leauges have it because of numbers or whatever, there are only three states that have 9-man football in high school , North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. Most other small town football in america is 8-man or 6-man. I played and coached 9-man here in North Dakota. Having 6 men on the line of scrimmage is odd though in 9-man normally you must have at least 5 on the LOS just liKe in 11-man you must have 7, so six is odd but no big deal, think of it as a double tight and a split end in 11-man. 9-man is a very easy transition from any 11-man offense, all you are missing is the Tackles on offense. You can take any 11-man playbook scratch the tackles and you have an offense. In 9-man most teams run a double tight, but everything else is identical. Defense is a little more tricky depending on what defense you run. I like a four man front in 9-man. A 42 defense is sound, with two DT's, two stand up DE's, A Mike and a Will backer, Two corners and a saftey. If you can blitz, I would run a 33 stack in 9-man. If I ever coached 9-man again I would run the 33 stack. With a nose, two down de's three stacked LB's on the heels of the D-linemen. two corners and a safty. good luck
  5. That is a pretty common problem there coach, One that many coaches have the same problem with. I don't know if you have or have access to a lineman chute. I built one 8 years a go at work out of 1 1/4" schedule 40 pipe it's a 5 man chute down sized for youth. I coach the same age group as you. I was having the same problems so I built the chute, but what really made the difference in keeping the lineman firing out low was switching to hand shields instead of stand up dummies. Using hand shields instead of dummies lets the bag holder have better controll and can give better resistance, but the key is to have the bag holder exaggerate holding the bag low to the ground so the lineman have no choice but to fire out low to engage the hand shield. You have to rep your players hundreds and hundreds of times through out the season it's a great tool, I have had opposing coaches ask me how we get our line to fire out so hard and low. I just say that we spend a lot of time with the most important part of our team, which we do. This gets brought up so often and I realize that not everyone has access to a shop, welder, and $400 dollars of pipe but you could do the same thing with some fence posts and rope. good luck
  6. Thats pretty normal for young kids with their pads on. It is hard for them to lift their head and not lower their butt at the same time. There are a couple things you can do. One is keep working on his stance, young kids do not have the muscle memory to get in a comfortable stance at that age, it actullay hurts and it is akward for them. Until his muscle memory improves have him simply roll his eyes up so he can see his target, even if his head is down a little, if he can see what he hits it should not be a saftey concern. Get him to squat down into his stance over exaggerate the movements and work on 1st step drills it will come quite fast. good luck
  7. A natural athlete is born and genetics are a huge factor, however some kids are late bloomers. Most often it comes down to how much little Johnny likes athletics and how much HE wants to train and make himself better. At young ages, playing pick up games with the neighbors, being active, and spending time in the outdoors is crucial. Once a kid reaches puberty he can specialize by, working on speed, agility, size, and strength. Before that the best thing kids can do is just be kids, play, learn muscle memory doing kid things, other than watching tv, video games and internet.
  8. I do not visit this site much because it is so inactive, I am typically too busy in april to spend much time on the computer. I just ran across this today. Priceless.... my ribs hurt from laughing... thanks guys.
  9. D-line techniques 0-9 I believe was developed by legendary coach Bum Phillips. If a nose guard is head up on the center it's a zero technique. if he is lined up in the "A" gap thats a 1 tech, head up on the guard a 2 tech, "B" gap 3 tech, head up on the tackle 4 tech, "C" gap 5 tech, head up on the TE 6 tech, outside shoulder of TE 7 tech. I once asked one of my d-linemen what his responsibility was, and he said to stay low and portect his A hole. So that could be why the number system was developed.
  10. I know a highschool team in Michigan that uses 4-point on offense they do a lot of pulling and double teaming and they feel it helps to get a push while pulling and keeps them low and aggressive on the play side. I definatly think it has it's merits. I remember Army used to use 4-point stance when they ran wishbone in the early 90's or late 80's I can't remember the year but they were very competitive and I was impressed.
  11. Simply go to gregorydoublewing.com look at his stuff, check out his links, Derek Wade has a book out called "Impact" I have not read it but I assume it is a good aid.
  12. coachbreck


    So are you saying you are mandated to run Pro I or split back? Or you can not have three backs behind the qb between the tackles. such as full house T or wishbone. Could you run double wing? Where there is one back behind the qb and two wings off the TE's? There is more info on the Double Wing offense on the internet than any other offense out there. I gave all my "I" and split back playbooks away a couple years ago. Since I will never line up in either one again. Take a look at Jack Gregoy's website he has the double wing and his tripple B play book is for sale, wich looks more like a "conventional" syle of offense. www.gregorydoublewing.com
  13. coachbreck


    WHAT ?!!!!! I HAVE HEARD OF SOME FREAKING DUMB RULES IN YOUTH FOOTBALL BUT THAT TAKES THE CAKE. Thats not even football. so you can not run wishbone, full house T, wing T, Stack I, I Wing, double wing, single wing, power I, pro I, beast, tripple b, split back veer, OR pretty much any offense invented in the last 100 years. I would find another leauge or get the rule changed. I have no clue where you would find a playbook for 8-9 yr olds that does not have at least three backs in the backfield. Remember a qb, slot, flanker, H back, are all backs if they are off the line of scrimmage. I would remind your leauge officials of this. apparently most coaches in your leauge have no more knowlege of football other than watching the NFL even most NFL teams have three backs. I have no clue why they would mandate such a rule? What is their reason for it? did some Dad coach get his little Johnny run over by a full house backfield one year or what? I would want to know some justification for the rule. It sickens me to see football ruined by made up rules by ignorant coaches and parents. I have a better Idea have your leauge officials find you three different playbooks that do not have three backs so you can study and find which system would work best for you. UNBELIEVABLE!
  14. From that list I would have to say Meticulous would be number one then Knowledgeable, then Passionate. all three are very high up on my list. Why meticulous? because there are 22 starters plus special teams, each person has a specific job to do, and one player fails to do his job and the whole thing flops. as football coaches we can never settle for good enough we must demand perfection. It's the little things that win football games. The teams who make the least mistakes come post season are the ones who will most likely win.
  15. My suggestion would be to finish what he started ! If he is a football nut why did he wait until he was 13 to start? The other players have some years of experience on him, but he should catch up by the end of the season. Do not let him quit even after the first game right now he is frustrated, we have all been there, tell him to keep his chin up and work hard. That way there will be no regrets.
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