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    Too Many Innings

    Anybody know the PONY penalty for a pitcher throwing too many innings in a week? We have a pitcher in our league who pitched 7 innings going over by one and lost that game. I was told that the pitcher could be suspended anyway for one week. Any help would be helpful.
  2. Coach 5150

    Youth Baseball Bats

    I'm seeking recommendations on bats for my kid. He just turned 10 and used a 28/19.5 bat last year and had great success. He is a very good hitter with both contact and power. I'd like to invest in a bat for the next two years and am stuck between a 28/19.5 & a 29/19.0 bat. One is the Stealth and the other is a Louisville. I'd really like to buy him a 29/19.5, but I can't find one. The one he used last year was one he shared with a friend. which brands do you recommend?
  3. Any safe tips on ways a 10 yr old can safely lose 5-7 pounds? He is not heavy in the least and is very good shape, but needs to drop some weight for football due to league rules. He needs to get down to 70 lbs. from 76. Anyway, he's working out lightly right now, but I am looking for some weight loss 'tricks" he might be able to use. Also, what are ways he can "fool" the scale by a pound of two?
  4. Coach 5150

    Help Needed

    I understand what you are saying about your kid and the frustration you feel with his talent. I have a similar situtaion with my son, but he is not as big as your kid. However, he is sor of tall for his age and is the fastest kid around. His skill level in every sport he plays is beyond the kids he contends with. I have found though that as you compete against other cities in all-stars or "bowl" games in football you do come across other kids with great talent. In football my 9 year old son just dominates. He is fast as ######, stronger than the other kids, and his knowledge of the game is years ahead. Defensively he is the anchor and is dominant. Offensively he scored 38 TDs in 11 games and threw for 5 TDs and could of done more, but we took him out to share the ball. His arm is the strongest and most accurate than any kid we see and he receives compliments from opposing coaches at every game. But I know as he gets older he will face tougher competition because the kids will improve and grow and will get better. Mark my word our boys will not be dominating in 5-6 years. I'll bet they'll be great players, but others will catch up to them or be very close. BTW, my son is just as good in baseball, basketball, and ever soccer. In baseball he plays with 9 & 10 year old kids. Being just 9 he still excels and is our league's best fielder and hitter. In our all-star games he faces very good young talent from other cities and continues to do great. But their is better talent out there if you look hard enough. I would suggest you look for a travel baseball team to give your son more competition. Get your son on a competitive team and work on his speed and skills. A competitive coach will use him as a back if it means winning games so don't fret over it too much right now.
  5. Coach 5150

    Shooting Problems - Lefty Who Shoots Right Handed

    I happen to be a lefty that shoots righty. I mean my dominant hand for eating and writing is left but for everything els it is right. Is that the same situation for your player? Now that I am older I see that I have pretty decent form with my left hand but no accurancy beyond 15ft. I doubt if I could have been made into a lefty for shooting cause, like your player, it just felt so uncomfortable. Actually, my son kicks and writes from the right side, but everything else is lefty. I figure since he throws from the left side he should shoot from the left side. I think he started shooting with the right hand because he watched me as a little boy and just copied me.
  6. Coach 5150

    Shooting Problems - Lefty Who Shoots Right Handed

    How interesting that you should bring this up. I have a just turned 9 year old that is lefty, but shoots righty. The problem I see right now is he cannot hit the outside shot beyond 15 feet without putting his enire body into it and and without losing most of his accuracy. He has a great shot inside 15 ft. and his form is decent. I am just concerned that he will never be able to hit the outside shot with this style. He is a very good player for his age and is probably the best player overall in our city. His dribbling skills are great with both hands and he knows the game well. I've tried to change his shot a few times, but he feels so uncomfortable already at this age. Another coach told me not to worry because by the time he gets older he'll strengthen that arm more and he'll make those shots. How does your 14 yr. old shoot from the inside? Does his accuracy seem to fade as he shot further away from the basket?
  7. Coach 5150

    Need Help

    I am a first time soccer coach this year for a 14 and under team and would like a crash course on positions and ideas on how to conduct a good practice. I have coached the other three major sports for many years but after my daughters past three coaches do nothing but show up for practices I decided to give it a shot. I played until the 8th grade, but can't recall all the positions and their roles. Coach 5150
  8. Coach 5150

    All Star Team

    Well, one thing I hope you will not do is or set your starting lineup for the entire all star season without the willingness to adjust as your players perform. On my son's team this year the manager announced to the team the six players who would NOT be subbed for any games. I completely disagree with this decision because I always tell my players that every spot is open for change and if a sub player out plays a started their status will be changed. And I do this to keep every player on their toes and for the most part the starters keep their jobs. On my son's team there are 2 to 3 players who are currently batting 1-8, 0-10. and 1-10. Two subs are 2-4 and one is 1-5. Two of the three starters have made two errors each, but their attitude is "we are still starters" and that attitutde bothers me. So be fair and start the kids who work the hardest and who are playing the best....
  9. Coach 5150

    Poor Attitudes, Disorganized League.

    I feel your pain and understand completely what you are faced with. Boys at this age think they know it all and can be difficult to deal with. I have a few questions. How good is your team? How involved is your assistant coach? Did you explain to them what you expect before the season started? Don't allow them to control the team or yourself in any way. They are the players and if they cannot adhere to the team rules they are gone!! Coach 5150
  10. Coach 5150

    Dealing With A Difficult Coaching Situation

    Sounds like you're in a tough situation. My youngest son is also 8 years old and is very skillful and talented in baseball. I am assuming your season is almost coming to an end so maybe you should just make the best of a unpleasant situation and hope things get better next season. Maybe you can volunteer to coach to help make a difference next season. I believe at this age fun and giving chances are part of the learning process, but teaching them baseball fundementals and raising the bar for their skills is essential and my responsilibility as a coach. I want them to be the best they can be at this age and have fun getting there and beyond. I mostly do not put low skilled players at key positions because it puts pressure on them they are not yet ready to take on. And at first base they can get hurt if they cannot catch so I agree with what you say. How do the other parents on your team feel? Coach 5150
  11. Coach 5150

    Help Being A New Coach

    Congrads on your 1st year managing. I too agree with the team meeting idea and also the team rule handout. The meeting gives the parents an opportunity to ask any questions they may have. Parents want to see your passion for coaching so just be yourself and express how you feel. One thing I believe coaches sometimes forget is that most parents are passionate about their kids in sports. Especially if they are very young kids. Some are single moms who are trying to get their kids involved in sports and do not have fathers in their life. So be patient and remember a coach is not just a baseball teacher, but a role model so try to make the entire season an enjoyable one. My goal is by the end of the season to have them as ready as possible for the following season as I can while having lots of fun. Having fun is always priority, but teaching them the fundamentals is essential for future success.
  12. Coach 5150

    Unsportsman Like Celebrating

    You could be describing my 8 year old. Only he just pumps his fist a bit after every strike out when he pitches. He does this after a big hit or when he makes a good defensive play. I just tell him as long as he doesn't celebrate and keep it to a short fist pump he'll be alright. I like emotion to a game so as long as it maintains good sportsmanship. Coach 5150
  13. Coach 5150

    Baseball Radar Gun

    Coach Brewer_- I just purchased a glove radar today and it looks pretty cool. I haven't taken my boys out to pitch yet, but I will later this afternoon and use it at my next practice.
  14. Coach 5150

    Getting Swing Back

    I tried the extra bats behind his right foot this past Sunday and it worked very well. He either fell or lost his balance when I pitched to him during the first bucket of balls. The problem is he is good enough to still hit with good consistent contact even with the slight bailing. During the 2nd bucket he stayed dug in and really drilled the ball. Even when I pitched inside on him and then went outside he stayed on the plate. Today we played the first place Giants and he bombed a ball in the right center gap and single to right. So at least for today he looked really good.
  15. Coach 5150

    Baseball Radar Gun

    Brewer - Any idea where I can get the "dopplar" radar from?