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  1. Who am I and how did I get here: I'm a father of a 5th grader starting his first year of full contact Football. I play grade school ball years ago 1989-1995. This past spring I tried out and played Semi Pro Football for a new team here in Central MN. So I thought it would be fun to help coach on my sons team. I played OL DL and these are the positions I know. Now last Thursday nigh at the parent, player, and coaches meeting I found out that I am the only current coach for the team. This is how I found you in a panic to learn drills and how to play some of the more keyed ball handler positions. I learned yesterday via YouTube how to hand off the ball. I need a few 1.5-2 hour drill and practice plans to teach my player the fundamentals. Ow and to make thing worse I currently have 9 Players. 8players are 5th graders and never played before and One is a returning player from last year. The other 5 team have returning coaches and a spit squad of returning players (6th graders) and new 5th graders. Wow what underdogs we are. Thank for any clarity you can give me. Coach Corey Applegate
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