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  1. 5 on 5 NFL Flag 9-11 year olds It is my first year as head coach. My boy played the last two years and I assisted, but this year he's movin' up. The problem is that in this division the coach is not allowed on the field, where in the past the coach would be in the huddle and on the field the whole time. In the past we would just have diagrams ready to go to show the kids the plays in the huddle, and the play clock wasn't too strict so it was relatively easy to communicate the plays on to the field. But now what do I do? How well can this age process information? After perusing these forumns for a while I've come accross some real nice playbooks (I really like Orange's book, and many others) and I'm wondering how I'm going to get the plays on to the field during the games. Should I huddle on the sidelines? Develop a system of play calling (e.g. Formation -> X route -> Z route -> Running Back route -> Center route)? Wrist bands? What works best. Every and All experiences are truly welcome!
  2. How old are the kids? How many on the team? How many games? I agree that every kid should be given the chance at each position, especially QB. Some kids might even SAY they don't want to, but all they really want is for someone to give them a shot and put them out there. What the heck, this might be the only time in their lives that someone gives them a chance to be QB on a real team, and too many bonehead coaches are actually too worried about having the best record to consider letting little Johnny have his shot.
  3. I don't have any 9 on 9 knowledge, but I do have experience coaching that age group (as I see you do also). Sounds like a lot of kids to manage and keep focused - no easy task at that age. You definitely need plenty of help for practices and make sure that you're coaching up the fundamentals. Keep the plays simple by running just a few that could go in either direction. Like, off-tackle run to the right/fake reverse to the left/dump pass to the right - right there you have three plays in one from the exact same formation and set up. In fact you could run the same formation and develop a very potent offense with about 8 plays. The trick is going to be keeping the group focused and having fun. To do that you MUST have a very tight practice plan that keeps them in small groups with very little standing arouond. Rotate - Rinse - Repeat. My two cents.
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