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  1. NC Matt

    Game Highlights On Youtube

    Some nice videos. Makes me kinda jealous with how some rules are in other areas lol. I see blocking, QB keepers and tosses. We're not allowed to do any of those where I coach. Makes it more exciting that's for sure.
  2. NC Matt

    5 On 5 : Defending The Pass (Insight)

    So your saying have the 2 DB's up 5 yard's in the middle and have your 3 safeties 8 yards deep one on each corner and the other in the middle?
  3. NC Matt

    How Many Plays Do You Have For 9-11 Y/o?

    I'm coaching 9-10 y/o's this fall and I've got about 18 plays in my playbook. Like most have said I have about 4 to 5 basic formations but just do different plays with them. Also I've named the plays using Xbox/PS3 video games. They seem to remember them better when it's something fun to shout out on the field.
  4. NC Matt

    2Nd Yr Coach

    I kinda did the 2-3 QB thing. Most of my kid's just wanted to win the game(6-8 y/o's) even thou I told them it's about having fun and learning lol. I always tried to get everyone a turn with ball handling thou. It was hard to keep up at times cause I'd have a game plan for 9 kid's and only 7 would show up to a game. I wish they would let us have 10 kid's per team so I could break them into two teams. Would be easier to let 5 play offense 1st half then switch to defense 2nd half giving everyone a turn at both sides.