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  1. Thanks Royal! We had our first game this past weekend and took a beating... the team we played had 8 older players that you could tell have played together for at least a couple of sessions. They all stayed home on defense and were very disciplined, much more then 2-3 practices are going to get you. My team has 11 players and 6 of them have never played before. We had one long run on a reverse for a TD, and missed one opportunity that could have went all the way. I think the kids had a good time anyway, so I guess that’s what counts, but from a coaching standpoint it is frustrating going into the season thinking most teams would be pretty evenly matched. Oh well live and learn…
  2. Slick

    Coaching 5V5 First Time Ymca

    Great Information, thanks very much for the advice. I have certianly found the value of the assistant coach! I have 2-3 helping me with practices and that makes all the difference in keeping all the kids busy all the time. Thanks again!
  3. Slick

    Coaching 5V5 First Time Ymca

    I posted my playbook under the flag football plays section of the forum, please take a look and comment. I apprecite any and all feedback.
  4. Great feedback, I appreciate the note on the defense, that makes a lot of since. By blocking, it is more like a 'screen' in basketball trying to get between the defense and the guy with the ball. (we just call it 'blocking' to get them used to the concept) They can't use their hands and can't run into the defense, but they can get 'in the way'. We do not blitz in our league, we can go over the LOS only on a hand off, pitch, or fake hand off. The QB has 7 seconds to either pass or hand off or the play is dead, so we do pass a little more since the QB is not pressured by the defense. Thanks again, this is my first year coaching so I appreciate any tips and hints.
  5. OK guys, thanks again for all the input and advice on how to structure the team, I am trying to incorporate that with the rules of our local YMCA. I have attached my initial playbook, we have had two practices and our first game is this Saturday. Many of the plays have been adapted from much of the material posted on here. Anyway, please take a look and let me know your thoughts, I trid to put in as much misdirection as I could as I really see this being a key factor for the 5-8 year olds division that we are in. Thanks in advance for your comments. Wolverines 2011 palybook.ppt
  6. Slick

    Coaching 5V5 First Time Ymca

    Thanks for the input guys it is awesome to hear from those who have been there done that. My challenge is that during the coaches meeting with the YMCA they made a point that every child should get the chance to play every position. I really like your ideas, and it would be a so much easier to coach for sure. We only have two practices before the first game and only get one practice a week. Needless to say I have my work cut out for me. The age group is 5-7, of the 11 kids I have this is the first year for 6 of them. I am amazed at how much I have gotten wrapped up in this. I played football back in high school, but coaching my son and a team is really exciting. Thanks again for the the advice, it is much appreciated.
  7. What a great site with excellent forums and material. This has been very helpful as a first time flag football coach. Thanks to everyone for posting their playbooks, advice, and general feedback. I am in the process of creating my playbook mostly from the ones posted here, but once I get it completed I will repost here. Now for the question(s). I am looking for some advice on how to manage the team based on the YMCA rules in my area (which I have no problem with, I am just having difficulties conceptualizing how I am going to implement them) I have 11 kids on my team and I need to have equal playing time for each child. I was going to try to implement a ‘color armband’ approach and have two offensive teams each child with one assigned position/color armband per game and have them rotate back and forth for both offense and defense, (that was when I have 10 kids, I was just told yesterday I have another one joining my team to give me 11). The goal is also to have each child get a chance to play every position, so I am looking at having 2 QBs per game, each getting to play one half of the game. Then for the next game I will have to get two new QB’s ready and switch around my players positions/colors. As you can see, I am up for a very ‘interesting’ season, but I guess if everyone play by the same rules things should even out over the year. I am open for any advice anyone may have regarding the best way to approach this both from a readiness/practice perspective, and from a game management perspective. Thanks to everyone in advance for your advice.