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  1. I can't really offer any advice other than to refer the league director for mental help. I coach 8v8 5-7YO and that's too many kids, IMHO. How in the world do they expect every player to score a TD? You can certainly try for that, but there's no way to guarantee it. I would expect that fakes would be just about the only way to be successful. Dive plays and sweeps in my league just result in the RB encountering a wall of kids. Throwing/catching will be extremely difficult with that age group. Best of luck.
  2. I'm a 2nd year coach, first time as an independent head coach. (I do have a great assistant coach, but he's a soccer coach, no FB experience) I have a million questions, but I'll try to limit it to about 100 or so. I'm coaching K-2, 8v8, rushing from 7 yards, screen blocking allowed. Can run 100% of the time if I want. We've had two weeks of practice so far. I've read tons here, but I've been unable to find definite answers to a few questions. 1) I've tried end arounds, but they don't seem to work. My kids seem to be taking too long to get to the ball and I also feel like with 8v8, there are just too many kids on the field for the misdirection to work. Am I doing something wrong? 2) What is the best way to teach the kids the positions on the field? I'm running a wishbone with the following layout: WR___TE_C_TE___WR ________QB_______ _____RB____RB____ I'm really struggling with getting the kids into position for each play, and everyone seems to forget who is getting the ball once we do get lined up. (Have I mentioned that I think 8v8 is WAY too many kids?) I will use additional formations once the kids have this one down, unless you can recommend a better "starting" formation. 3) We are snapping through the legs. The rest of the teams in our league snap sideways. I like snapping through the legs because I think it keeps the center ready to run and is the position these boys will use if they continue on to tackle. I tell the boys to turn the ball sideways and let the QB take the ball from you. So far we've only had 1 or 2 fumbled snaps. Would you agree or disagree with this approach? 4) Last scrimmage, we had about 1000 yards rushing east to west (and quite a few south as well ) and about 2 yards north. What's the best way to get the kids running north? 5) Fake handoffs: What's the best method for helping the kids to understand delaying? Right now my faker and my RB are both getting to the QB at the same time. I've tried telling the RB to count to 2 mississippi, but that's not working. Thanks for the help. This forum has been an invaluable resource for me. Coach Ron
  3. Practice went great on Wednesday. Worked a lot on having the kids take handoffs. During our game last night, I ran the running set up that JohnP recommended until every kid had a touch. I also made sure to have the kid that was getting the handoff repeat to me "I'm taking the handoff". I didn't have a single missed handoff after doing that. The first time we reversed field, my RB ran for 35 yards and a 1st down. The kids were pumped after that and played lights out. I threw it in again a couple of times later in the game, switching up when we'd reverse field and while I didn't have any more big runs, it consistently got me short yardage. We had one offensive touchdown on a Slot/QB drag and two pick sixes. The other team scored once after intercepting my QB, but that's all we gave them. No complaints from anyone last night, which was a relief. Thanks again for the help! Coach Ron
  4. The other teams are set up similarly, mostly younger kids with 1 or 2 older per team. We are a big soccer area, so the league only has 6 teams total which accounts for the age range. Each team has between 8 and 11 kids. I personally think we'd have been better to have more 5v5 teams, but it is what it is. We are 1-2 right now, with our win being a 7-0 shutout. Our two losses were both 12-18 and the winning scores were on long TD runs where my kids just missed flag pulls. Most of the time, we are pretty tough on defense. I've been running 5-2-1 where the 2's rush the QB, but I think I could probably stop the longs TDs better with a 2nd safety. 4 of my 8 kids have touchdowns at this point, so I consider that a big success. Rather than 'calling plays' in the huddle, I have been using play cards and pointing to each position and calling a players name and route. I have been rotating players through all positions (except QB), but I'm thinking it might be better to give each player an assigned 'position' and tailoring the plays so that each position gets touches. The only problem I've encountered with this is that I need to get all of the kids in at RB to get hand offs to them. How do you typically handle this? Any suggestions for naming plays so that they are easy for the kids to remember? The sad thing is, I have tried this. Billy tried to hand off to Johnny and Johnny just ran right past him without taking the ball! I'll just have to drill Johnny on taking handoffs more... One of the team moms has been helping as an assistant. She comes from a football family and has lots of experience, so that's been a big help. She doesn't have much experience with kids this young, so IMHO she's been wanting to run plays that are too complex and that's part of the problem. The parent that is complaining doesn't come to the practices, just the games, but I will take your advice and ask him to help at practices. Thank you both for all of the suggestions. I will implement them at our next practice and see how they work out.
  5. I volunteered to coach my son's 8v8 9U flag football team because there was a lack of volunteers. I am a fan of the game, but never played myself and have never coached football. I have read quite a bit here, including all of the "New To The Youth Football Coaching Discussion Board?" thread. While the team is 9U, most of the kids are 6 and 7. On my team, 6 of the kids are 6 & 7, two are 9. We have (1) 1.5 hour practice once a week and one game per week. We are 3 weeks into a 10 week season. Here are my issues: My younger kids are having a really hard time staying focused during practices and especially during the games. I have followed advice here about keeping all of the kids engaged and keeping the practices moving and that has helped, but I don't feel like I am getting them prepared for games. They constantly ask me 'where do I go?' after I call a play. I tried using some of the plays I found here, but most of the kids will forget the play between the time we outline it in the huddle and snap the ball (we have practiced them in practice). One of the older kids is my QB, so when the play doesn't go off as planned, he just passes the ball to the other older kid. This happens even when a handoff is called (The RB will just run up the field without taking the handoff). This is causing me to get a ton of complaints from two of my parents because their kids aren't getting touches. One parent has chastised me for using a playbook and has pointed out that the other teams don't use one and just basically tell their kids "handoff to so-and-so, or pass to so-and-so", and that playbooks are too hard for kids this age. This same parent also told me that if the two older kids continue to get all the touches, he will pull his child from the team. Having worked with these kids now for 6 weeks, I think that 8v8 with kids this young is a huge mistake, but it's what I have to work with. Quitting is also not an option. I will not do that to my son or these other kids. Any advice to help me salvage my season, and my sanity, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Coach Ron
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