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  1. Rob, thanks for the tips. I like using the 3 routes method. I had a book with some basic plays for short, medium, and long passes but my QB can't throw that long so I scratched those out. I like the idea of having the 3 routes, I assume it's left, right, and middle? Then look at the defense and run on their weak-side? The rusher kicked our QBs but, he was fast and couldn't shake him to easy. Since we only have 5 on the field I found the plays with a WR sweeping back across didn't have enough time to fully sweep to the other side, maybe I'm doing it wrong but he needs to start moving as the QB is calling his counts that way he's half way across. I'm looking over some of the playbooks posted here and picking 6 basic ones and go from there, hope you guys don't mind me stealing some of them Thanks again with all the feedback and help, I can have this team for 2 years so I wanna see what I can do with it. I agree. Every season I find myself drawing up new "cool plays" and end up with more than I ever use. Honestly, plays won't mean anything unless you can exectue them, as the saying goes, "everything looks good on paper". Getting a few basic formations and running variations off those is a good start. Less for the kids to remember and you're showing the same look to the defense but throwing a twist on it each time. Need the kids to realize what a good fake looks like. Doubling over and rolling the shoulder and not looking back to see how the play is going. Tell them you want their fake to be so good, that someone on the D actually pulls their flag, thinking they have the ball. Having 3 common routes in your plays and making sure the kids all understand how to run them properly is important. Teach the kids to execute the plays quickly, especially if you have a rusher. Hope this helps.
  2. Thsnks!!! Didn't see any playbooks, just a few pages of plays here and there. I will print these up and take a look. Damn this is a cool forum, thanks guys. Seems we have 2 dominate teams and 2 not so dominate as the other team had a blow out also. I'm starting to wonder about this league.
  3. Is it best to purchase one of those playbooks that has a lot of plays and such, http://www.flagfootballplans.com/collections/5-on-5-flag-football-plays/products/5-on-5-football-plays-advanced
  4. Hi, I'm Greg and I'm a first time flag football coach that got his but handed to him in the first game. I got a lot of learning to do. I have my playbook a defense plan, my problem is I don't know hoe to execute it. Didn't sleep well last night thinking of all the things we need to work on, but in our league they discourage any official practices as it puts to much pressure on the parents. Kinda of makes it hard as a first time coach with all new players. But I'm not giving up, it's just my style not too. I bought a 5v5 playbook online for $25 to get some ideas, it helped but I tweaked a lot of the plays.
  5. Thanks John, we got creamed 45-15. Loooong day!!! We did have some good plays and got 15 points on the board but with just an hour practice before the game I had no idea of who could QB. I'll try the defense and see what happens next Saturday.
  6. Got our first game today and this is my first year coaching 5v5 flag. Only have 6 kids showing up for the game so they will all get a good amount of playing time. Only had 1 "meeting" as practices are discouraged from our league, yea it's a rough start for the new teams that are starting from scratch. Made a playbook of about 6 basic plays and talked about 2-1-2 zone coverage and how to switch it into a 2-3 or a 3-2 zone. Problem is what I don't know when to run which defense? Do I run a 3-2 on a run play or 2-3? Love it!!! This is gonna be a blast working with a great bunch of kids.
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