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  1. Who's up for some football this Sunday??

    3:00 at Thunderbolt Park

    Amanda Ecklof,April Eden Gross,Leah King,Kimberly Malone Weiskircher,Julie Fortak Hines,Hope Arzie Pascoe,Heather Johns Jensen

  2. All these fast boys WATCH OUT Y HERE WE COME!!!! :)

  3. One hour till football!!! :)

  4. This is a IMPORTANT MESSAGE for Ms Kelly.. Kickball at 5 O'clock at Armstrong..

    :) lol

  5. Kickball tomorrow @ 5 @ Armstrong Park this message is for Kelly!!! LOL

  6. Come one come all playing some co ed kickball this Sunday @ Armstrong Park

    around 5 O'clock bring you some H20 cause you will need it.

    Hope to c ya there. :)

  7. Attn:Friends Flagball Sunday afternoon 5 till we get tired of playing :)

    Thunderbolt Park in Fleming Island.. Hot out there might want to

    bring some cold H20..

    C YA

  8. Team Crush got crushed today 32-6 but i think the

    team learned alot from it and if they did..That makes

    me one happy coach.. :)

  9. 49 to 13 Big win for Team Crush!!!!!!

    One Happy Coach.... :)

  10. Its time!!! Team Crush will be rolling in tonight this might not be to pretty but it sure is going to be fun... :D

  11. What time is it?? Its NINJA TIME!!! :)

  12. Time for Team Crush this friday night at 7:30 get ready

    for a foosball whoopin'.. LOL

  13. Team Crush is coming soon to crush all competition at a Y near you!!!! :}

  14. Leave me a ONE WORD comment about how we met. Only one word, please. Then copy this to your wall so I can leave a word for you. (Don't just post a word and not copy -- that's not nearly as much fun!)

  15. Had a great time today playing some foosball see you all next sunday @ 4 o'clock... :) Moving back to the fields in fleming island next to the library..