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  1. I'm a new coach this year for my son's 8 and under 5 on 5 team. I can't really give any advice on the defense, but I would be sure to read the rules well. I have read them several times. The rules that I was given say no passes behind the los and shovel passes have to be a minimum 5 yards, no laterals, but then in a totally different section, it says pitches are allowed. I haven't seen anyone use a pitch yet, but I am considering it. Our second game we won because the opposing coach hadn't read the rules and hadn't prepared for rushing. Of course last week, we lost because I hadn't considered all 5 beyond 7 yards, and 5 rushers really freaked the QB out. I consider it my fault that I hadn't prepared him for the possibility. And then I saw your post. One other thing, the rules that the league gave me and the ones that they publish online are slightly different. It hasn't been an issue, but I like to be prepared Good Luck and let us know how it goes. Brett