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  1. Thanks for the tips guys. It appears we have overcome the mouthpiece issue. Yes I had bought the youth size, several of them actually. Just this morning I cut it down a little bit more, helped him understand better how to put it in and take it out and all appears to be well. We will see come practice/game time. Last two games he didn't play because he wouldn't wear it, hopefully today he will and will get to have some fun with his team. MVP -if you want to send me a private message about why kids 4 and 5 shouldn't play flag football that is fine. I have followed a lot of your threads and value your opinion. From what I can tell so far, the kids are learning a little bit about football and having a lot of fun. There is a very small amount of contact, and that is only when they get tangled up trying to pull a flag, and I have only seen that a couple times.
  2. What a way to start a season. We decided today to get my sons mouthpiece all set up and ready for the first game of the season. Only problem is that he won't cooperate with me in getting it set up for his mouth. He is only four, but still, I wouldn't think it should be so hard. He coughs and carries on like it is choking him. Any suggestions on how I can get him to accept the fact that he has to wear a mouthpiece? The flag football league requires it. Oh and on top of this issue, I am the coach of the team, and it is starting to look like my child won't even get to play. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The season starts tomorrow at 12:00. Thanks
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