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    Distance Runners

    Now that the season is over I have found several things that seemed to work well. The high school kids always did 800m as a warm up. I tried to mix speed days with road runs. These road runs lessoned as the season went on. Track work might include things such as 8 x 200m at race pace, 6 x 400m at race pace. !35m pick ups help with kicks. They start running and slowly build pace until they are at full speed with 35m left. Another drill we did was called two minute drills. The kids run for 2 minutes and the stop at that spot and wait for two minutes to build up acids. We normally did this 8-10 times. Someone asked about fun things for junior high. We had enough kids to run mini meets with ourselves as well as meets with other schools for our Junior High program. They enjoy competing and this works well for hard workouts. I had them do many of the same workouts our High School kids did but with less reps. Hope this helps, Scott
  2. srileyathens

    Distance Runners

    I am coaching high school track for distance events (800-3200). I have some good ideas for workouts that I am going to use (I think). I am always looking for new and creative ideas and would be interested in sharing ideas.