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  1. Are all of your players considered eligible receivers? I would try fighting a gimmick scheme with another gimmick. I’d pick my player with the best running moves and line him up at QB (even if he’s not your best passer, you just need to make sure he’s got a decent arm) and then line the rest of my team spread out evenly across the LOS and on the snap have them all run Go routes and tell your QB to watch the defense, if they all turn and run with their man (like I’m assuming they would) you wait until about the 5 second mark and have your QB take off, this should leave him with one man to beat. The best part of this is that if they blitz that defender, you’re QB can escape the initial pressure he’s wide open to run. Obviously, If they don’t turn and stick with their receiver then you just have your QB hit the receiver they’ve left open. I did this growing up playing Madden and NCAA Football against my friends, it’s insanely difficult to defend because once you escape that first man, the defense is running with all their momentum away from the ball, they have to stop turn and then try to regain their zones. My assumption is that these 7 year olds will try to run to the ball, and their “stay home” mentality will go completely out the window and could allow for several big runs that should eventually force them to run a legit defense.
  2. I don't know if Flag is bigger down in texas but actually I'm in the ONLY flag league offered in columbus, they have 3 seasons (Spring, Fall, and we have an Arena league) so Flag isn't really an option for us here. I personally started tackle at age 5. We had a micro-mini's league that was Coach QB and I remember having fun with it, I played all the way through High School and enjoyed every second of it. I think it's an important outlet for kids to be able to get out their aggression and relieve some of the stress they face. Children do not know how to appropriately deal with stress and a lot of times they find improper outlets and begin acting out. I work for Children's Hospital here in Columbus, and the doctor that I work for specializes in ADHD and recommends sports to all of his patients because it provides them with an outlet. As far as the brain trauma is concerned, I was on my JROTC drill team in High School and I received more head injuries from spinning rifles than I did from 4 years of D-1 Football. Injuries happen from everything and if you don’t want your child getting hurt, home school him and make him live in a padded room. But to answer the original question, it seems to me that your son wants to play tackle, and eventually will end up playing tackle, why delay the inevitable? Let him play.
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    well, luckily about 5 of the kids that will be on my team live in my nephew's neighborhood and I've been playing football with them for a couple weeks now, so I've been able to show them the basics of what type of offense I'd like to have. I've been trying to make sure I keep my mind open because the type of offense I want to have and the type of offense my team is able to produce might not be the same. The league is an Arena Flag Football league, we live in Ohio so winter leagues aren't too practical unless it's played indoors. I'm hoping the kids will get a chance to understand the fundamentals of plays. I like the points you gave me to focus on, I've never played flag football and growing up my coaches always focused on being physical, not exactly something you can do in Flag football. I've seen some of the games they recommend for flag football (Sharks and Minnows, Bull in the Ring) do you think this would be a waste of time with such little practice time?
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    Hello All, I'm Rob Carter, I'm coaching a 5-on-5 8-9yr old flag league. I've never coached football before I got into for my nephew and his dad is my assistant coach. I've been studying up and I've got a good core for a playbook, nothing too difficult but still not too simple either. I'm just concerned because our practice time is only for a half hour before games on saturdays. So my question would be What drills should I focus on the most? Do I need to focus on defense more during that time or should I just let them play with instinct and worry about offense? I don't know how much balance I can actually do in a half hour.