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  1. Hi everyone. I have been coaching a long time but I am struggling a bit to figure out the right technique for defending a strong passing team. I coach NFL flag team 5 on 5 (4th and 5th graders). Most of my kids have been together a while. We are a strong team not the strongest though. A lot of the teams in our division are pass first run second. I switched my defense this year to 1-3-1. I always blitz the inside guy. I also switched more to zone than man to man. Just felt like we were getting burned a lot in man. I teach my kids to keep the receivers in front of them and watch the QB eyes. Stay in your zones. I am sure there is more I could be doing. Any suggestions for how to improve? Change defense up a little? Should I always blitz or just sometimes? Any input is appreciated. Thanks Jeff
  2. godawgs0367

    Option Offense

    I know this topic is a little older, but thought I would add something to it. I coach 2nd and 3rd grade 5 on 5 NFL rules flag football. QB cant run past the line of scrimmage. I too have been toying with the option. So after some trial and error I designed one play that worked pretty well though not a true option. I have them line up in a balanced formation and QB and RB run together parallel to a WR when they hike the ball. The WR is told to run between the QB and RB. Sometimes we give it to WR as a reverse and sometimes he fakes it he has it. The DE usually bites on the reverse forgetting about the RB who just takes a handoff from the QB. it works pretty well especially if the defense is biting on reverses.
  3. godawgs0367

    5V5, K-1 (6-8), I9 Rules First Week Playbook

    I have run the scissors for a couple of years and I have to agree, for this age group it works well. I still coach this age group and I have to admit I learned something. We were scrimmaging an 8 - 9 team last night and I ran the scissors play. I put the WR motion before the snap and the defense had no idea where the ball was going. I had 3 possible targets. It worked great. However I am concerned about the number of people in the backfield. I have a funny feeling during a game if I did that I might see an episode of the Three Stooges when they all run into each other.
  4. godawgs0367

    Teaching Defense To Stay Home - A Possible Concept?

    Thanks guys. Royalflush - Ok the zone defense makes sense as a base defense especially if the offense comes out in a balanced formation. What if they come out in twins right or tripps right. Do you adjust or stay in the base zone defense?
  5. I am getting ready to coach 5 on 5 for 6 and 7 year olds. I know there will be lots of running, with occasional fakes and reverses. I was thinking of playing my defenders 5 yards off the LOS. Then telling them to count to 2 or 3 before they move once the ball is hiked. I thought this would be a good way for them to see how the play was developing. I was wondering what others thought about this. Thanks everyone!