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    New team from 12/15 years (all 12 at this moment)
  1. Hello all, I just joined this side for some help, and boy did i hit the motherload of all motherloads of information!! thanks all for sharing and the least i can do is share my playbook!! Besides sharing, I ofcourde hope you guys can help me tune it a little bit more. First of all some rules: We play 5vs5, 7 Y blitz and no QB running. I have a young team (playing together for 1 year now) and are all the youngest in there division (12 in a 12/15 div.). We have a strong QB that can throw to any spot on the field, he is tall for his age and a true athlete. WR's are tall but not lightning fast, the 2 centres are like night and day. 1 big guy, massive even. pritty fast but raw. The second one, slow... show.. but there is a reason why we call him 'the proffesor". he is damn smart!! And 2 RB's, small but agile enough to make you miss. I am trying to go no huddle this season, just to get an edge. they are the youngest and probably not the tallest so... Also i choose shotgun to give my QB more time and less to think about exept where to go with the ball. He is a smart kid so on the runs, i give him the freedom to either give it to the HB or pitch it to the WR... but i do give advice when needed . please let me know what you guys think, cause i am green as grass (with just 1 full season under my belt). thanks and keep winning!!! (sorry for the double upload, its just one playbook) Gun playbook 2012.pdf Gun playbook 2012.pdf
  2. AU coach mike

    Spring 2010 Playbook

    gotta say, being new to all this.. loving the collors and play names. Gotta use those as well.. thanks for the inspiration!