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  1. Great advice. I basically have one formation on offense. We have several options. Apparently we started out against the team with 3 really good athletes who from what I can tell played before. Their coach did not show up so the league coordinator coached them and they were able to run some nice plays. I don't think the rest of the teams have players like that. We ran a couple of plays that were destined for success but were nullified by penalties. We should be fine. I learned that we can run center sneaks in this league??? We had the parents help the kids to stay behind the LOS. We practiced swarming!! Thanks for the advice. I will let you know how our game goes on Saturday.
  2. As a newer coach of rookie 6-8 yr olds, I am a bit overwhelmed. We only had one practice before our first game and walk though before our first game. We basically had a one formation with several options on offense. We ran some good plays but had some challenges. The offense was ok and I learned a lot about who can do what. Since I only have one player who has played before, my challenge is bringing the kids up to speed. I spent more time during the game trying to get the kids up to the line of scrimmage without being off sides. The next challenge was getting the defense to move once the ball was hiked. I have some ideas of what to focus on in practice to fix these things. I was looking to see what other coaches did in a similare situation. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. Thanks
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