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  1. Orange, thanks for the feedback! I agree, what I am thinking is starting in the 1-1-3 base defense like we have played all year and really depend on my rusher to put pressure on that QB. When they line up in Trips, I think we'll just slide the weak side safety over a bit and my front middle "1" a bit, like towards inside shoulder of inside WR, but have him ready to drop back 5-6 steps when its a pass waiting for the quick slant pass or clogging the middle of the field. Our guy is smart enough to do this. But he also has to watch sweeps going the other way, this is also where my rusher must play a vital role! My weak side safety has to watch the center running a post type of pattern to the weak side as well, BUT keep one eye on the middle of the field because that is generally where they like to attack ultimately. The bottom line is, I think we just need to play the way that got us this far and make any necessary adjustments along the way. This really comes down to my rusher and him getting massive pressure (which he is one of the best at) on their QB. This will lesson the amount of time the other defenders have to cover and give the potential for picks....
  2. Hey guys... haven't posted in a while, although I am always reading the great threads around here. Well we just finished up our regular season and ran the table in the playoffs qualifying for the League Championship game this Saturday morning. We lost 1 game all year and what a blast this season has been. We play in a VERY competitive league, where there was 18 teams in our age division, NFL rules 5v5 10-11 year olds. Anyhow, we are playing the #1 team in the league in the championship, from which they are out of the other conference, whom might I add we have never faced yet. This team is ranked first in scoring points and edged us out just barley in points against. They are undefeated. I am just looking for advice from some of you more experienced coaches who maybe have coached in these big games. This we are playing team has two main weapons on offense, one kid who is tall and catches everything and another who can catch and run fast! They run almost all of their plays out of the Trips formation. They attack a lot in the middle. They are a well oiled machine, especially offensively! Our defense is tough though! We generally run a variation of a 1-2-2 or 1-1-3. So my question is how do you guys generally look to defend the Trips formation, especially giving a little more attention to the middle? Usually we would just shift some of our personal over a bit and that has worked great so far. We are in the championship. But this team has two big weapons.... so another question is, with defending Trips in mind, how can I also defend these two stars they have? I don't like man at this age, but I also don't want to let their stars find bubbles in the zone and maybe get big plays. Anybody face a similar type of offense with key players to stop? Any advice is greatly appreciated.... thanks guy!!
  3. Ok guys.... I just wanted to start a topic to see if I could create some discussion on some things to do on offense. Right now I am coaching a typical 5 v 5 NFL flag team, ages 10-11 years old. Can send a rush from 7 yards back. My question is this: Do any of you have a "system" of play calling and how do you all attack a defense? What I mean is this.... I typically try my best in the first series to run a few plays with the pure intent of "trying" to figure out how their defense is playing and reacting. From that point I work at attacking their weakness. I must admit though, I get easily sidetracked a lot of the time from doing this, because I find myself focusing on my team and my players as far as lining up and running the offensive play. This impedes my play calling. So I guess, I wanted to ask some of the veteran guys around here their techniques or tips on "deciphering"" what defense you are going against and how you attack it? Do any of you script your plays? Do you run certain plays for certain defenses? Just trying to pick your brains...... Thanks
  4. Hey guys... been away most of the summer, but it is that time again. We started our fall season last weekend and this year we moved up to the 10-11 year old division. We have played 2 games so far (played last night) and we are fortunate to have opened 2-0 on the season. I have 6 kids returning to the team, which is a team of 10. I am blessed to have some wonderful parents and kids this season and I am thinking this could be one of our funnest seasons yet! One thing I am extremely happy about through two games is the fact that my offense is spreading the ball around. We are tracking ball touches and stats this year and when I look at the sheet, there is a complete balance between touches and catches. It seems as I enter into this older age group, they are getting more polished and even more competitive to want to do well. As a result, I have a pretty solid group who all could catch, so after 2 games and the ball being spread like it has, defenses are not able to key in on one or two players. Our pass attack is great, my QB has really matured. We have only run the ball 9 times in two games!! That is a change for my teams too, believe me. I look forward to hearing about all your seasons and how they are going guys... thanks for hearing me out!
  5. Right on!! Thanks for the support guys..... unfortunately we came up short tonight and lost 12-0. It was a really hard fought game overall, we couldn't put the ball in the endzone and we essentially gave up 2 big plays for their TD's. Their team was just absolutely ON... I mean they were flag machines. I thought maybe they had "stick'em" on their hands, because they didn't miss one flag and swarmed our team all night! I felt I didn't get to concentrate as much as I like on my offense with having to coach defense... I felt that took away from our effectiveness. Oh well.... we had an awesome season finishing 9-3 on the year though!!! This was my third season coaching and each year my teams have gotten better.... the first year we won 3 games, then last fall we won 7 games and now we win 9. Improvement has been there and I have had all new teams the past 3 seasons as well, with the exception of 3 players the last two seasons. And you want to know the reason for my having success? Of course its being a part of these forums. I have gained so much by listening to you guys and learning. I am so happy this forum is here and I predict it will continue to draw more and more coaches. Thanks to all of you for your help and support!! This site is truly awesome..... I can't wait until this fall where we get after it again!!!!!
  6. Thanks guys for the replies..... heading out to the fields right now! I'm gonna have these kids pumped and sparked up like none before!!! Win or Lose.... we leave it ALL on the field!!!
  7. Yes... I have already been thinking of this and I have two dads in mind. One has coached (basketball) and has been on our team a couple seasons now and the other dad is always active with his kid and into the game. I think those two will make good sideline coaches. They can help with praise and the little things like encouragement and the such. Thanks for the reply.... I just am really nervous, like I might forget something and not be as effective calling plays or identifying weaknesses and go to guys. We'll see.......
  8. Hey guys..... I haven't been posting to much lately, however I am always a frequent visiter here on the boards. We decided to play this spring for the first time and I carried 3 kids over from my fall team which includes my son in the 3. We have had a great season as we finished 8-2 and went into the playoffs seeded #3. We received a 1st round bye and won our 2nd round game last night in a close 9-0 victory. That brings us to tonight. If we win this game tonight, we will play for the championship on Saturday, so the stakes are high. We also play a team who beat us in the 4th game in a close close game. They edged us 8-7 and scored their TD with a minute left in the game to take it. The kids are hyped and ready to avenge this loss, I expect 110% out of them tonight. Here's my dilemma.... My defensive coach has just had an emergency and will not be making it to the game tonight! That leaves just me to coach the offense and defense... a mighty task given the circumstances of the playoffs, vs a great team and keeping focus! I know some coaches here have coached alone and earlier this season I had to call the game all by myself as well, but that game was a against lesser skilled opponent, we won. I'm not sure the point of this thread, but just to say I am nervous having to bear all the responsibility on my own tonight, I'm nervous I wont call as effective of an offense because I will be worrying about defense and finally I am nervous on keeping the kids engaged and focused. Our system worked well with both of us focusing on each unit. Now. I do just want to say that I feel I am good at coaching defense, I actually prefer it.... I just am nervous if I'll be able to be as effective with being spread out. Again, I dont know the reason for this thread except that I need some encouragement or praise to lift me up a bit. You all are a great group of coaches and my teams would NEVER be this organized and effective if it wasn't for finding this site with Coach Rob and Orange a year or two ago! The information from ALL the posters is fantastic!!! I need some tips and help guys. My kids are counting on it and I can't show up tonight with any doubt on my face or in my body language! Thanks a bunch.....
  9. I like to get our kids running and some conditioning in, I feel its VERY important for the game itself and their health as a whole. We mix it up from practice to practice, but here are a few things we do to help with the conditioning..... sprints, suicide line runs, bear crawls (this is a great exercise), up downs, agility box and I also have an agility ladder which we bring out to work on footwork. These exercises will get your kids working. We dont do all those in one practice, we pick a couple and do them, then change it up every practice to keep things fresh. Another thing we do as well that I feel keeps their hearts going is... when we break into doing individual drills, we RUN through them quick. We are keeping things moving right along, this keeps the kids focused (no time to play in line while waiting), it also helps their conditioning! This helps us as coaches because we're able to fit more drills and more scrimmage time in by not spending a lot of time messing around at a slow pace on drills! The tempo is set high! I am sweating, thats how fast we like to keep it going. Finally after scrimmage time, we play a game (I'm sure you all know it) called king of the ring or shark and minnows. The kids LOVE this game so much. One player in the middle, while all other kids line up at the GL and on the whistle try to make it across the to midfield without getting their flag pulled. Once your flag is pulled you now are in the middle to chase the other players. Last player standing wins! We play this game at the end at least twice and let me tell you, the kids are running and running hard in this game! Great conditioning here. They love it so much and it gets them competing. They are exhausted after we're done. All this, I have found to help immensely. Our kids don't gas out the last 10 minutes of ball games, they are still swarming just like the beginning!
  10. I know in our league (NFL Flag), all passes have to be beyond the LOS too. I tried the swingout pass a few times in our winter league this year, and I just couldn't make it work past the LOS. The only time it worked was when we threw it once before the kid got to the LOS, and we got a penalty on that play for crossing not passing past the LOS. We play NFL 5-5 as well and every pass has to go past the LOS..... With that said, this is what I've done with trying the HB swing out. I line up in a balance set, my WR on the right streaks up field in a fast sprint on the snap. This gets the attention of the safety's and sometimes the corner will follow. I have my center immediately take a b-line towards that right corner if that right corner stayed home (he usually does). So the center is running a hard slant, but I make it clear that he runs right at the corner. With doing this, the corner gets his attention on the center. My HB then swings out to the right side and I teach him to slow down or even stop as he goes one little step pass the LOS. I coach my QB to look deep down field to my streaker, maybe pump fake then as the rush is coming look to the right, identify that the HB is open and dump it off to him. This has worked for us, especially if you set it up for a quicker player to catch it. The key is helping your QB identify he is open, because since we play NFL our passes have to go past the LOS, which means if the corner jumps it, it can be 6 the other way in a hurry. You must also stress to your HB to only go NO MORE than one step past the LOS, I've taught him to just stop and turn around.... like a check down pass. This play works.... it has for us (thank you Orange), but in my league kids catch on and we only run this play maybe two times a game! After that, I've noticed the corners jumping on the HB, but of course then you can create plays where a WR is behind that corner and your dumping it over their head, lol! Key is practicing it to get the timing down! Hope that helps....
  11. Our church did this and it is amazing... so touching!!!
  12. Thanks.... that was an awesome video. I especially like how fluid your offense seemed to run fakes and misdirections. It was smooth!
  13. All great advice above...... I think by "softening" them up a bit with quick slants, misdirection and end arounds... there can be a huge opportunity for a few deep passes. Depending how strong your QBs arm is and if you have any kids who can pull down a long pass of course. I would think about running a Twins formation and send the outside WR on a streak route up the sideline, then the inside WR can run something like a 7-8 yard post to the middle getting behind where that "middle" defender lines up. From your description the deep middle will be open all day. On the other side, your lone WR can run an Out pattern or something to catch that CB attention and occupy him.
  14. Thats exactly how my playbook is designed.... all I see in our league (8-9 year olds) is zone as well except man to man on goal lines. I am considering drawing a couple plays up to attack certain D's though especially for easy access during game time.
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