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  1. Heya all! My name is Dave Chatelain. I am 28 years old and live in Holland. I have been playing ball since I was 4. Almost got drafted for the -16 dutch national team. I know the fundamentals and get lots of help from parents and other coaches. My problem is not the game. I coach kids ages 9-13. Some of the kids are acting up and demotavating the younger players. Having a bit of trouble motavating them to give it all during trainings. Even playing dodgeball (focusing on the trow) which all the kids love btw. I keep the trainings fun but hard. Is there anyone that can give me tips on how to deal with the problems I'm facing. Don't want to loose members. We aren't as big as the clubs in the states, amd we only have this team for the youth. Thanks alot for taking your time to read this and hope u can help me out!!
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