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  1. On a lot of these forums I have seen some guys say that mens soccer in America will never grow. Personally as a Brit living and coaching in the States I think in a few years America could become a force in world soccer. The structure of coaching in America is wonderful and I have seen a vast improvement in ability of players over the years. Now my question to all you out there. If you were in charge of promoting soccer in the USA how would you go about it? You have a free hand and can do whatever you like to promote the sport.
  2. Okay we all have them, I just wanted to know what is your favourite reference you use as a coach. Mine is an old ring binder book which I have used to jot down everything of interest and draw plans that I have for the team to use. The book is so old these days and it looks it.
  3. The title says it all really. Why is it so expensive for kids to play soccer in the states? In England soccer is open to all people of all ages without the expense.
  4. Are you kidding me, as a kid in England we would use a short plank of wood and tilt it how we wanted.
  5. Hi there. Remember not every shot has to be ripped. I have a many drills I use for all my teams but the first thing I teach them about shooting is to pass the ball into the net. One of my favourite drills is to stand at the side of the goal with a few balls, then I have one kid at a time jog from about 20 yards out with a ball under control. At the penalty spot I have them shoot, they continue their run and I pass in one of the balls I have so that they have to hit it first time. I make it a little competition. If they score at least one goal they stay in the game. If they don't score any they are out and must do ball work, such as juggling. If any player scores with both shots he can choose to fetch one of the players back into the game. This game also works the goalkeeper as he is faced with shot after shot and he quickly learns how to set himself. I sometimes have the players take the second shot with the weaker foot. My kids love this game and ask to play it as much as possible. I have many drills for shooting if you care to email me.
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