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  1. HI Coach' You are the Head Coach, you can make any suggestion you want and your decision is final. If your assistant coach cannot handle it, cut him loose. At the end of the season it is the Head Coach who bears all of the responsibility for the teams record, not the assistants. If your assistant won't talk with you than your decision has been made for you. Cut the guy loose. If he will talk with you, set it straight that YOU are the Head Coach and it is his position to listen to you. If he dosen't like it he can apply for the Head Coach position NEXT YEAR. It is the best thing to do for the kids and for yourself. Good luck. Coach A
  2. HI Coach, The 6-2 does not want you to run inside... so... run outside. Quick pitch, sweep, options and wing counters are good choices. They give your linemen the opportunity to angle block and cause the d-line to have to run a lot. Pulling guard(s) are outside of the LB's and can log them inside. If your guards can't pull, teach them how and insist they do it. A lot of youth coaches don't believe young kids can pull. I hope you are not one of them. Out side pass routs and combo routs with the wide out and slot or TE and slot will also help to loosen the 6-2. If you QB can't throw run an out side rout show it anyway just to let the defense know you are going to go wide. With some success you will force the D to get out of the 6-2 thus allowing your line men to chance to block a front they are more able to do. If the D does not adjust... keep running and passing to the out side. Technique wise. I double at the point of attack and have the rest of the line block their base rule of On, Inside gap, Backer. Coach A
  3. Hi Coach, You did not mention what the problems your team is having with the "blocking up front." A little more information will be helpful for me to give you a suggestion or two. I have not heard or SAB. I have coached youth through college and have found that the kids will do what you teach them to do. If you open your splits, be sure the kids can close the distance. Foot work is everything. Teach them how to close the gap. Be sure the SAB is corect for the offense you are running. The basic rule of thought I keep in mind is "Teach to the talent of the kids." Maybe not much help but I hope it is encourageing. Good luck. Coach A
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