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  1. Dear Coach, I thank you for this speed information and I have some questions: First my situation.....I have a youth football player (he actually is 12 years old and by the time he put this to the test he will be a freshman in high school) He has played Youth contact football for the last 4 years...he has always been a big hitter, sure tackler, strong, sure handed receiver, etc etc But one thing that has hurt him every year is he simply is not in the top 10 percent of his team as far as speed goes.....he isn't slow....but you can just tell that he doesn't run right and lacks speed burst he basically runs the same speed all the way.......my questions: - I have gym equipment and a swimming pool.....are there any exercises that would help develop his speed - I live in the Southern California area...can you recommend anywhere I might be able to aquire a speed coach for him?
  2. And it is either my attitude or the coaches.....this is going to be a little long winded but anyone willing to read and post your thoughts would be greatly appreciated........ My son has been playing in a California youth football league called Junior All American Football for the past 4 years....when he first started out way back then football was a lot of fun....he loved going to practice....his coaches loved him and in particular the HC who really took him under his wing and tought him the fundamentals....he was hard/strict with him and I liked that because that is also the way I parent.....it became very clear early that he good feel for the game of football and he learned all the positions quickly....started out as a receiver and corner and then in his second year moved to center and defensive end.....he ended up winning Defensive player of the year honors that year.......about this time both me and my son were excited talking about the future playing the next 3 years of JAAF and then moving on to high school...... In the 3rd year.....the situation changes (coaching change) and my son still earns a two way position playing guard and defensive end....but then we get our first taste of politics and daddy coaching.....even though my son was having a strong year he had one game (where the whole team did badly) and the following weeks practice he was removed from his DE position and his own son inserted (who had missed all of training camp and most of the preseason) who then proceeded to stink it up because he was just not physical enough to hold his ground. My son asked for a chance to win the position back...and while the coaches said yes they never actually gave it to him. He had a strong year on the OL right up till 3 games left in the season where he fractured his ankle. The team was good and they asked if he could make it back for the playoffs.....he casts down for 3 weeks....taking it off a week early....rehabs ahead of schedule....and then gets back with the team....TO ONLY PLAY 3 MINUTES IN THE FINAL GAME OF THE SEASON.......... He enters into his 4th year (this year) and the daddy coaching and politics are even worse with this team......in THIS season he was only getting 3-4 plays a game (at fullback) even though he is making good plays on the scout teams offense and defense.....anybody who watches the practices knows that you dont have the best players around you when you are on those scout team....so when you are continually making good plays while the starters are messing it up....something is wrong in my opinon The other issue that I have (and a lot of other parents for that matter) is that you are given a "who to contact sheet" with names and phone numbers at the start....and you can almost compare that sheet to the starting lineup of our team name for name. Now....some of those kids are good players and really deserve their spot..they earned it....but not all of them. The final issue is that my son got hurt (Again) this time fracturing his thumb....and is out at least 3 weeks. Since that time I have had plenty of the parents calling to find out how he is doing but not a peep out of the coaching staff.....it is like they are relieved he is gone. Now...my kid is NOT a selfish player....he doensn't badmouth the coaches or other kids....if someone takes a cheap shot he is the first one there to defend and help up a teamate.....the reason why he had been getting hurt to begin with is because he sacrifices his body on every play Well......we are kind of at a crossroads in all of this....my sons attitude toward the whole thing has gone from one of excitement to "why should I go back they dont want me there anyway"....what should we do..... Also....I was thinking about holding him out of football for a year before he goes on to high school and having him work with a speed coach (his only real weakness) and am looking for ideas to solve the injury bug. Am I going to face this same "politics and daddy coaching" in high school as I am right now? Both of us are really burned out....him because all this above and my because of time I put into this and watching his frustration.
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