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  1. Character... very losely used word. I coach at-risk youth. Head coach 11-12 years olds and oversee a 6-8 yr. old and 9-10 year old team. Our city has NO youth football organization. So we get a lot of coaches that play kids too old, cheap shot, and really only care about winning. Losing and getting whipped does not build character. Coaching right and wrong builds character. The best advice I can tell you is this. Winning does not include the scoreboard. If you kids did their very best, they won. Score doesn't matter. I play a team every year who cheat shot, late hit, talk trash, and every year, we play them close, but lose. But I tell my kids to play with class. And they do. That's winning. There are teams that won't even play them anymore. And vice versa. I won a game last night 7-6, and I told my kids they should have lost that game. They played poorly, and got lucky and won. Teach playing hard, working hard, proper technique, playing with class, and winning and losing with class. All are more important than the score of a game.
  2. I agree with Caoch A.... they don't want you to run inside. Go outside. Use misdirection bootlegs. You must pass or learn to. Quick outs are good. Toss, sweep. But remember, you must run inside at some point.
  3. at that age, much like many others, speed kills. At this age, most teams want to run outside. I put the best combination of speed and tackling ability on the outside of my defense. The can get around the end fast, and when they get there, they can make a tackle. I use a few different defenses depending on my talent. Right now, I have some great LB's and ends. So I am using a 4-3. I have two big boys on the inside. Two of my long, fast, hard hitting ends on the outside. I have 3 really fast, hard hitting LB's on the inside. The KEY: You must emphasize containment and discipline for your Ends and read/react for your Lb's. If you are in a run dominant league or game, bring up your 2 safties within 5 yards of the WR or TE, and use your corners as extra blitzers every know and then.
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