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  1. After I got good and organized coaching in a 5x5 league for several years, we've moved to a new state and they play 8X8, and I'm coaching in a Kindergarten only division (3 blockers on line, 2 defensive rushers, QB can run, must do pitch out or pass on 1st or 2nd down). I like to run all plays out of the same formation for kids less than 7. Would folks suggest 4 kids on the line (including center) with a QB and 3 skill players ... or 3 kids on line only? Any other words of wisdom for an 8X8 league with such young players? Would love to hear feedback.
  2. Coach, I'm trying to figure out how complex to get this year as it's my first as the head coach for a 5-6 yr team. We only get 2 hours of practice before our first game so I'm impressed that you were able to get a nice playbook of plays they could execute. Do you have each kid stick to one position predominantly in order to accomplish this?
  3. Coach Will- Thanks for posting. Question for you: how do you get the kids to deal with the color coding? My league forbids the use of wristbands. For example, do you tell certain kids that they are playing exclusively the 'Yellow' position for that opening week of practices/game? Do you try and have 1 kid learn only 1 position in the first week, or multiple positions? We have 2 one hour practices and then our first game, and my team is 5-6 yr olds. I'm torn between my desire for every kid to learn a lot of skills/positions and my desire to keep things simple. Any words of wisdom? Thanks, Kyle (502-649-5228)
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