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    Can A Bat Make A Difference (age 7-9 )

    Looking for some help on Softball bats. I recently looked online and saw liitle league bats ranging from $29.99 - $299.00. Just curious if anyone has experenced a bat that can truly make a difference in the "pop" at the age level 7-9. Thanks
  2. Clinton_Redskin

    Equipment Return

    We took a car hauler to the field and collected all our equipment after the last game. Kids were told to bring a change of clothes and it worked great. We have 8 teams and got every single piece of equipment back. IF you let the kids leave the last game with there equipment your at risk of not getting it back.
  3. Clinton_Redskin

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Everyone

    Sounds like a possibility. Last year we formed a small committe with representatives from Clinton,Hanover-Horton,Brooklyn, Jackson Western & Napoleon. we had some cross - over games at the end of our seasons with just our 6th graders and it went very well. This year we plan to do the same. Maybe you guys would be interested in joining us.
  4. Clinton_Redskin

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Everyone

    Att. Coachjones - Yes!
  5. Clinton_Redskin

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Everyone

    This was our leagues first season. We had ( 4 ) 5th - 6th grade teams and (4) 3rd-4th grade teams. I coached a 5th-6th grade team and had a Blast! we went 4-0-2. Because our leagues main focus is to increase the Schools Varsity programs numbers our teams are based on parity. It worked out well cause every team won at least 2 games. At the seasons end we took just our 6th graders to a tournament and lost in the championship game. Overall huge sucess and I cant wait till next year. If you've got a free second check out our Website. www.clintonfootball.org. Thanks
  6. Clinton_Redskin

    How To Attack 6-3 Defense

    I'm taking my team(6th graders) across the county to play a crossover game with another youth league tonight. I just found out they run a 6-3 defense with no safety. Should I go into the game thinking pass?
  7. Clinton_Redskin

    Shoulder Pads, Need Help!

    Coach GT, I am the Equipment Coordinator for our youth league ( www.clintonfootball.org ) I recently purchased 135 pairs of shoulder pads from All sports america in Pennsylvania. I tried several different brands ( Shutt , Rawlings , Bike,etc. ) before i decided to go with " All sports brand " I actually went as far as trying all four pair on several different kids and all of them prefered the " All-sports"brand over the others. not to metion they are roughly $5.00 less a pair. a few advantages to this pad is 1) they have removable, washable pads, and 2 the clip inserts are lined with metal rather than plastic. check them out online or call craig Dean at 1-800-597-6017 ext 105.
  8. Clinton_Redskin

    Who's Getting Excited

    Thanks For the "Good Luck" , We are scheduled to start Aug 6th. It should be a great learning experience for everyone involved. Are main goal is to help Kids fall in love with playing football so when they reach High School our numbers will have increased!
  9. Clinton_Redskin


    We built 4 lineman shoots out of 1-1/2 P.V.C pipe for our camp. They worked well for what we were doing but weren't the stabliest thing out there. We just tapped the joints for the camp but have since glued them for the season. Not bad considering we have $40 into each shut!
  10. Clinton_Redskin

    Who's Getting Excited

    Hey Guys were fired up as well. We are turning over a new leaf in our program and have made the change from Flag to Tackle. It was a ton of work but with the help of a lot of people we got it done. We have 128 kids signed up and will have 8 teams. 4 (5th - 6th grade) and 4 (3rd - 4th grade). LAst year the flag league consisted of 79 kids so we grew tremendiously! We had a 3 day mini-camp in June and had 90 kids and 10 coaches participate. Things are looking GREAT and we cant wait to get started. I forgot to mention I will be coaching a 5th-6th grade team for the first time. If your interested we have a website started ( take a peak ) www.Clintonfootball.org !
  11. Clinton_Redskin

    Mini Camp Fun Drills

    Coaches, I need your Help. We are planning a Mini-camp for all our players from 3-6 grade this coming june. This will be are first season for tackle football. We have been playing flag for the last 20 years. Any ideas on drills that will keep the kids interest and be fun at our camp would be helpful! Keep in mind none of them have played organized tackle football before. Thanks
  12. Clinton_Redskin

    3-4 Grade Tackle Football

    Does anyone play tackle at 3rd and 4th grade level ? We play Flag now and are thinking of playing Tackle. Seem to be having a hard time convincing the parents.
  13. Clinton_Redskin

    Starting Out

    Blitzfan, CoachSteve is right. If you truly want to make a career out of coaching I would suggest getting a teaching degree as well. Schools love to hire there teachers as coaches. You would have an inside leg on everyone else applying for the position. besides coaching is teaching and if you can help kids perform in the class room chances are you'll be successfull on the field. I had 12 coaches through High school and 10 of them were teachers in the school system!
  14. Clinton_Redskin

    Football Helmet Purchase

    There is only two reasons not to get the air helmet, Cost and weight. If you can afford it , It's the better helmet. It's a little heavier but much better helmet.
  15. Clinton_Redskin

    Value Of Youth Football

    I am also part of a board trying to kick of tackle football in our community. Several people have discussed this " Burning the kids out" topic. We've decided as a board that Poor coaching is the number one reason a kid would get " burned out" if it's not a pleasurable,fun experience then getting burned out is a possibility. We've decided to use a POSITIVE DOUBLE COACH theory with ZERO tolerance to avoid burning the kids out. This is nothing more than Stressing winning off the field is as important as winning on the field. GOOD coaching can cancel out "burning kids out" !