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  1. I agree the board has slowed down but I still find it very helfpul. I coach in i9 and am about to start my 8th season (2 kids) and since we get just one practice a week and it's on game day, I plan to continue to use what I've learned works. That is to keep it simple and only add new wrinkles about 1/2 way through the season. I intend to go into the season with just 5-6 plays for the 3rd/4th and 5th/6th grade diviisons. I have 12 that I've used over time but am going with the plays that I like to call most often. When the kids have those down I will add another one or two. For defense I am doing the same as you and bringing pressure from different angles. I had a really fast kid last year and toward the end of the season I rushed him from the right corner back spot to push the oppossing QB to my defenses right. It was very effective. I also ran into a team who ran a 2-3 zone who sent 2 blitzers from both edges at my QB on all extra points, as well as 4th & shorts. The strategy worked so well I stole it for my last 2 games and it worked for me too.
  2. Great playbook, i've had success with it against zones, especially any 2-3 or 1-3-1 zones. Moving up to 12 & under I often see the umbrella type M2M defense. Tight coverage on wide outs (like 2 yards off the line), 2 defenders about 3-7 yards off the ball to cover slot and center and 1 deep safety. Motion works pretty well for moving defenders around and opens play action too. The bubble-go works when it is executed well but any under thrown balls can be an easy pick 6. What do you guys like to call? Also, do you guys use X/Z over for bubbles?
  3. I am looking for some plays that use a pitch to a halfback who then can pass it or run it. Age group is 10-12 with i9 rules. Also looking for good ISO plays too. Coach Rob's flood is one that is very effective. Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks Coach Rob - I appreciate your post. In your play for the "end around / fake end around", what route did you have the center do?
  5. I am looking for offenseive scheme advice. I coach i9 age 12U and in looking through many of the great playbooks in this fourmn I see most plays are run out of balanced, pro, twins or trips formations. However I have seen a couple "alternative" formations that have intrigued me. In particular where a player lines up right next to the center, not bunch, but for instance in Twins it would look like: X X C X or X C X Q X Q I see mainly short crossing routes involving the 2 tight players, along with play action bootlegs isolating either the center or the other player out of these formations. I am very interested to hear others opinions on how effective plays run from these formations are. Or any other alternative formations that you have found to be effective.
  6. I am also in i9 U12. We have used the pitch rather than the stretch and it works great. I have a very unique set of personnel leading to a VERY slow team. Only 2 kids who can run fast and 4 who are jogging in place . Unfortunatlely those same 4 are not good throwers and cant complete any passes with accuracy. So they are C or WR. The hitches get blown up when the kids play wide and we can't beat most teams man for man on hitch and go due to our slowness. The O would absolutely work if I had 2 more kids with a little quickness/ speed or 2 of my slow kids could switch to QB. I currently substitute the hitches with the twins back formation and run crossing routes with the slot running an out and the WR doing a slant under. I also jump into trips and do the 2 old wash plays which are easy and very effective against both man and the 2-3 or 2-1-2. We can move the ball but other teams just put a spy on the 2 kids with speed and then our overall slowness leads to few breakaways and plenty of 4 and outs just shy of the 1st down marker. Literally an extra 5 -10 yards per possession would make it work for us. I will add that the kids love running the no huddle - it's fun and does allow us to run 2 extra series a half.
  7. Interesting playbook. I really like the simplicity of it. In our league all passes have to be forward of the LOS. A few questions: 1. What age range have you been running this? 2 What Defenses do you generally run against ? Any special blitizing rules in your league?
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