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    Training youth to pursue the highest standard of athletics and Christian living, simultaneously.
  1. glowinthedarksports.org

    Go To Play For 7 On 7 Flag Football

    I guess it depends on your teams strengths and what you know about the opponent(s) but I've always had success with reversals and fake reversals.
  2. glowinthedarksports.org

    Qualities of a Good Coach

    Six? Ok, I'll give three for now... 1. I am a person that will be watched. I am concious that I am an example of what a coach IS (to the players, families, referees, other coaches, league officials and spectators); my actions, words and attitude will be judged as per their perspective and their judgement will be true to them, whether I like it or not. 2. I am a person thats been entrusted. I am concious that the players, parents and league officials are watching to see if I am doning my best to bring out the best athleticsm in the players and team while at the same time displaying a posture that others would feel honored to share. 3. I am a servant to parents. I am concious that I have been guided to this position by a passion that was given to me and I must steward this passion with ownership yet giving honor to the position that I have been placed in. This position carries with it a responsibility to serve people that have brought children into this world and they have chosen me to be an extension of themselves to train their children in a particular life expression, that expression is this sport at this time.