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  1. Offensive Line Tips For Youth Football

    Coach, I am curious about how you would handle a certain blocking situation? A simple technique I have used, and I have seen used, regardless of defensive formation, is to line up a DT in the 1 gap and the 2 gap. Against the G.O.D. blocking scheme it allowed the defense to take up three blockers on two defenders. The thought is to outnumber the offense. 11 O players - 3 blockers - 1 RB = 7 vs 9 = 2 gap DTs - 11 D players. Would you adjust in any way if a defense was lining up this way?
  2. New Football Season

    Great blog article, thanks. To expand on knowing the rules remember to familiarize yourself with the rule changes in your league/age group. Do not expect the refs to remember all the changes so bring a copy to every game.
  3. Youth Football Offense

    What makes it "Rocket" wing T? My Base offense is a Tight Double Wing. Where the wings are (typically) lined up behind the guard/tackle gap.