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  1. Coach Dennis S

    Offensive Line Tips For Youth Football

    Coach, I am curious about how you would handle a certain blocking situation? A simple technique I have used, and I have seen used, regardless of defensive formation, is to line up a DT in the 1 gap and the 2 gap. Against the G.O.D. blocking scheme it allowed the defense to take up three blockers on two defenders. The thought is to outnumber the offense. 11 O players - 3 blockers - 1 RB = 7 vs 9 = 2 gap DTs - 11 D players. Would you adjust in any way if a defense was lining up this way?
  2. Coach Dennis S

    New Football Season

    Great blog article, thanks. To expand on knowing the rules remember to familiarize yourself with the rule changes in your league/age group. Do not expect the refs to remember all the changes so bring a copy to every game.
  3. Coach Dennis S

    Youth Football Offense

    What makes it "Rocket" wing T? My Base offense is a Tight Double Wing. Where the wings are (typically) lined up behind the guard/tackle gap.