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  1. Guess there are not too many active coaches on this site anymore....bummer, was once a good place to talk it out! Good luck to all out there.
  2. Been coaching for a few seasons now and always start the season thinking about what to do different/better than last season. For me, it will be experimenting with some different defensive formations, and bringing the rusher from other places on the field besides right up the middle. On offense, working to keep it simple, and work on getting more completions/catches....too many dropped balls the last couple of seasons. Also, going to work on going faster .....mix in some no huddle stuff.... What are you going to do different this season??
  3. A little more difficult to run some of these plays against a 6 man defense IMO.....but the concepts are workable....also, very difficult to run the ball effectively against a 6 man defense once the kids get older. (5th grade) Teams in our league are just too fast to make the running plays work, except when the runs come after the passing game has softened them up a bit. Just one mans opinion.
  4. This looks great...we play 6v6 and I have tried to convert some of the plays to the 6 man game...anyone else doing this?
  5. I use wristbands that have the plays on them and then have the QB come to the sideline to get the play....other times (when things are cooking well) I just let the QB call his own plays.
  6. Getting ready to start a new season....we play in an "open" league that allows you to keep your team together...mostly the same boys now for 3 seasons, 5th graders in a 5/6 league. working on keeping it fresh by putting in a few new plays, the boys know the drills and the plays very well and run most of it themselves...trying to push them to go faster to simulate game speed, and also working to schedule more scrimmages to keep it fresh. What are you all doing different this season?
  7. good stuff....thanks for sharing.....we are just getting started on our season...5th graders 6x6 flag....always good to brush up on the basics before starting a season. thanks again for the informative post.
  8. Wiskey Alpha and holland6636 nailed it here......nothing more to add....couldnt agree more. I still think the advertising should be taken down.
  9. For that age kids, in my experience, you will benifit from getting the exhanges down first....center to QB and QB to RB.....if the kids can be quick and snappy with the center exchange and the handoff....get the ball as quick as possible to the RB and get the RB moving up field as quickly as possible, you will do well. spent lots of practice time with a line of kids behind the QB taking handoffs....a pile of balls next to the center, and repeat repeat repeat...working with the QB on his footwork and getting the ball delivered to the RB (deliver the bread to the gut).....and working with the RB's to recieve the hand off with the alligator arms... We did straight run right, straight run left, sweep right, sweep left, and then put in a qucik short shovel pass.....those plays, along with your reverse (I actually prefer the fake reverse over the reverse) and the flood mentioned above and you should be set to go. for that age, the quicker you can get the man with the ball moving north and south, the better...... If you have kids that are talented enough to pull it off, the quick pass out to the WR (bubble screen type play) is also a crowd pleaser. Good luck.
  10. We just finished 4th grade level and moving up to 5/6. Generally the same group of kids now for 2 seasons.... I have the boys play certain positions...and it works for us...they all get to know their position on defense and the responsiblities....because of the substitution rotation, some kids play more than one spot...and if a kid says he wants to rush, or whatever, I try to accomodate. On offense, with all of the positions able to catch the ball, we have plays to get the ball to every kid on the team, so playing the same positions does not prevent spreading the ball around. I got off the field two seasons ago (coaches can be on the field through 3/4 division in our league) and let the boys run the show....we use wristbands with the plays on them, and the qb comes and gets the play from the sideline, takes it to the huddle and calls the play. I think it probably cost us a few points over the games, but the boys got to experience the control of their game, and the responsiblity of being lined up right, etc. Accountablity. By the end of last season, most of the boys had the plays memorized and didnt need the wrist bands....we have about 18 plays or so.....Personally, I think the pros outweight the cons for getting off the field and letting the boys run the show themselves. Coach has to get off the field for 5/6 anyways, so we will now have a leg up on that issue. Most important thing is to keep having fun....and keep the games and practices fun for the kids.....its their game..
  11. Agree.....kid has to have the desire to play....too many parents these days are pushing their kids to excel at sports for the wrong reasons....its gotta be for the love of the game when they are kids, or you are going to burn em out. One dad/coache's opinion.
  12. I am going to steal that one...."keep my side of the streed clean".....love it.
  13. That type of "screening" is called as a blocking penalty in our league. Can't do it...
  14. Thanks...yes, same routine....comical really, as his team is not well coached, and all of the yelling and screaming doesnt make it better for the boys....too bad really. Kids learning bad technique and bad sportsmanship on top of it. My group of famlies is in it for the fun and the compitition. We like to win of course, but will not compromise on the sportsmanship side of things. I still view the 9 and 10 year olds as kids, there will be plenty of time for intense competition, but in my opinion this is the time for learning how to win and lose with honor, and improving their individual skills through games....as a result, my boys are champions every season!
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