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  1. I forgot to reply at the end of the season. We don't have playoffs in our leage in fact every game ends in a "tie" at this age. Although, most everyone knows the exact score. Our team did finish 7-1. The only game we lost was when 2 of the best players on the team were gone for Spring Break. Anyway, our next season starts next month, so, I'll be more active on here again. What a great group of guys with great coaching advice. I truly appreciate this website and the coaches who have helped me become a succesful coach for the kids!
  2. I'm doing much better now, and would say so far the season has been succesful. I'm having fun, the kids are having fun, and have learned so much. Our team is 4-1 so far. The one game we lost was when 3 of our kids were on spring break. The best thing I have learned so far is, we are actually practicing the plays during the week over and over. The kids now know what to do, and are comfortable doing it. Instead of the kids not being able to execute 10 plays worth a darn, We are only running four plays on offense to "perfection". We break up the middle of practice with a quick game of flag tag, and end with a couple of Sharks & Minnows. Thanks again for your help guys. I'm really enjoying this!
  3. Last nights practice was a tough one for me. I have 3 children of my own, 2 girls and a boy. My son is 5-1/2 and on our team. I thought I had enough patience for this, but last night makes me wander! Granted this is only our 2nd practice of the season, it was freezing cold in Boise, Idaho, and this is my 1st year as a head football coach. These kids were full on energy and weren't listening worth a darn! They all wanted to voice their opinion on everything, dancing around, asking if they could be QB, run the ball, whining, etc. I'm not sure what i'm asking for, but i need some help. I've coached 11-12 year old baseball team for a few years, and even this age of tee-ball, and have never been so frustrated. thanks
  4. Hi coaches. First I'd like to say thanks for all the great info you have all shared. I've used a bunch of it last year and this season. What a great website! I'm coaching a 5-7 year old flag football team. I'm curious if you think it's best to have the kids stay at home on defense or swarm to the ball carrier. Thanks.
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