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    Coaching youth basketball. Playing Chess, Watching sports,NFL,NHL,NCAA.
  1. Coach 7727

    Preseason Plans

    Well today I formulated a plan and put it on paper for our schedule. 1st the actual practice planner. The only drawback is between the time your officially able to start practice and the games start is only 2 weeks. Not a lot of time to plan everything. This year unlike in years past my new team hasn't did any kind of conditioning. That's being put on paper tonight so as to get it out of the way. I'm not the most organized person when it comes to planning but with so much down time there's no reason to not be ready. Putting together a game planner might turn out a tad more hard though. I'm not the best X's and O's but hopefully will learn more so this year. I know plays but knowing what plays to combat when the other team does this or that gets tricky. Learning on the job is always good I guess but just ready to get under way. My schedule calls for more games this year which is certainly a plus. As I always say let the games begin.
  2. Coach 7727

    Pre-Game Warmup

    I like the star. That get's everyone involved. Good warm up music is critical I think to. Defensive slide drills,layups from both sides,free throws and just open shooting is how we usually do but since I'm Coaching this year might change it up. Gotta get through our 1st practices 1st and put practice planners together.
  3. Not being a conditioning expert was wondering what some good exercises would be to get my team ready for the upcoming season. I was thinking along the lines of 3x a week for 2 weeks as it can't have anything basketball related. I.E.S.A. rules. I'm not sure what the reasons were for not implementing this at said time in say the last 5-10 years but I'm here to bring it back. Short of doing foot quickness drills, using medicine balls, some running,I'm out of ideas. Basketball like most sports requires there athletes to be in peak condition and that's kinda what I'm striving for also knowing they are only Junior High kids. I'm familiar with other Schools around the area that train so any ideas would be helpful. Thanks
  4. Coach 7727


    No this is not a paid advertisement but merely a question to you Coaches out there who like to be organized and keeping the faithful i,e, parents and players alike up to date. I'm going to start using this program again in hopes it'll take off. Simply by clicking on it there are a whole host of options that will help me keep up and follow the game even closer than just Coaching it. Maybe a better way to plan practices,keeping up with stats,looking at team pictures or some taken from last night's game,etc. I think it's more than reasonable for what you get for a whole year @ the Pro Package that as a Coach you'll incorporate it into you Coaching habits. Just wondering if any other Coaches use something like this. Athleon.com is also good but a bit more pricey I feel.
  5. Coach 7727


    I didn't take any School courses to become a Coach. I loved Sports so much the window of opportunity just open 1 day @ a Junior High and I've been doing it now for 6 years. Sure I took ASEP which you have to be certified at here in Illinois. Also took the American Coaching Academy online which opened my eyes about all kinds of situations that occur with your student/athletes to what to do with rowdy parents. Really helped me to understand in more broad terms how have things have changed throughout the Coaching spectrum. But in all honesty trial and error have helped me the 1st few years in getting my feet wet ad helping me become the Coach I am today. It's a rewarding profession or in my case part time job which pay's a bit. To help mold,mentor young kid and putting them in a position to succeed is gratifying to say the least.
  6. Coach 7727

    Flagrant Fouls Video

    Makes ya wonder what kinda team these bullies have if there style is this. Even as there Coach is my players aren't moving there feet were gonna have to address it next time out. This is part of that Sportsmanship I often talk of. Also I don't remember any of those kids that were knocked down being helped up by this team. Hopefully this team will learn from there mistakes. Nothing wrong with playing aggressive but all they were playing was a zone and a lazy one at that.
  7. Coach 7727

    Man Vs Zone

    When I was an opposing School watching how now my current team played Defense I was like Wow. I couldn't believe they lived and died literally playing a 2-3 zone. I'm not saying not to use it but don't fall in love with it. Your kids become robots and just standing there accomplishes nothing.I like to. I like to mix it up a bit. Zone and 1 where I have someone stay with good guard all over the court is a nice switch. I do like the 1-3-1 trap when it works but has to be used a lot like a full court press, sparingly. I'm hoping with our 1st year of conditioning this will help our foot quickness. I like discipline,good sportsmanship. I like to mix in some fun so it's not so serious in practices but come game time were there to win and do our very best and whatever happens,happens. We'll learn to win as a team and lose as a team. But we'll do it the right way.
  8. Coach 7727

    Man Vs Zone

    I totally agree about the M2M principles and how important it is to learn. Was always taught say a 2-3 zone is lazy and teaches nothing. I'm Coaching at a school that just doesn't have raw athletes so have to resort to whatever I can to slow the other team down. Fundamentals are so imperative and can lead to a great deal of confidence especially when used against the opposing team. I'm going to try conditioning as a way to get my kids on the same page build confidence and chemistry and be open to one another instead of just throw em to the wolves like what's been done here before. With so much to do there's so much running through my head as I know the game but am not the best planner. Once I get my asst that'll help. Getting the kids to buy into the system without making it to complicated will be a point of emphasis as well. Planning on having a Basketball Camp next summer which is something else that I don't know if that's been done here or not. Need to make basketball fun and I'm hoping with my views and being the new guy on the block will bring a sense of new kids wanting to join the team and make it all fun again. Bring the excitement back if you will. I know the excitement of coming off the bench as a Dad so Kudo's to you Coach and best of luck.
  9. Coach 7727

    A Fresh Start

    I was just hired the other day to Coach Boys Basketball @ the Junior High level. 5-8th Grades. I've been an asst Coach there and last year a stat guy because I had a herniated disc so I kept score at home and away games. Anyway my point being I have a very good understanding of who's on the team and tendencies,etc. 2 questions come to mind though. How much do I change the routine they've been used to with relation to plays,etc 2nd question is was thinking of having mandatory conditioning M-W-F for 2 weeks leading up to when we can Officially start our practices. I like this idea. Idea's, comments are welcome. Please chime in.