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  1. Hey Coach V,There are actually some great drills to run. If you scroll more towards the middle of this forum, Orange, and a few others lay out some great drills. I actually have used them at practice over the past few weeks, thanks to Orange, and I'm telling you, they are great drills and the kids have a lot of fun with them! On a different note, does anyone put in "plays" for defense? Other than, Zone or Man to Man? I know its tough, but in your league, do you cheat over a linebacker to one side or the other, if you think the play is coming there way? Have you had your kids on the line, not rush, but rather just peel down the line, rolling the dice that the play will be going one way or another? The reason I ask, is that as the season goes on, and the kids are more comfortable with the line up and their responsiblilty on defense, there really isn't much more I can do, other than make sure they "stay home" for linebackers, "Rush" the qb for the lineman, etc. I just wondered if anyone has any ideas regarding this. Do you take chances on Defense?
  2. I'm coaching a 6 on 6 of 7-8 year olds, with a ref on the field. 5 count before the defense can rush. But, we need 3 on the offensive line and 3 on the defensive line to start the play. The LB's have to play 5 yards off the scrimmage. On offense all players are eligible to touch the ball.
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