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    I am not sure if this is the right place to seek info in regards to this, however I figured I would give it a shot. Three years into coaching I find my staff and I are still losing focus to external interruptions such as weight monitoring, play counts, play results, and stat gathering. I believe these are interruptions or call them what you will, that we all deal with in coaching. I was curious if any other coaches at the youth level had integrated tablets and the use of apps into their systems to assist? If so what apps are being used? If not, is this of interest to coaches. I am working with some gentlemen on and off my staff in an effort to develop some applications that may help bring these external focus into one or a few apps to change the way we work around and with them, allowing us to bring our complete focus back to the children and work more efficiently. Please let me know your thoughts or ideas that would make tools to assist. We also have a donation site set up to assist in the high costs to begin development and distribution of these apps. Its linked here:http://igg.me/p/214731?a=1108469