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    5V5 Defense

    Thanks for the response. I've actually thought of putting him in the LB spot on 3-2 but the problem i had with that is when we went to 2-3 he does not drop back (he is having a hard time understanding formation). I did try to stack a safety behind him but on the 1st play he were burned by a reverse with him "picking" his own LB. i am still thinking of safety on D. Any thoughts?
  2. midwaymonster

    5V5 Defense

    Hey guys, This is my first yr coaching 3rd&4th grade flag football. I am the 2nd coach on our team in charge of D. I have plenty of 1st time players on D and one who is particularly slow and doesn’t quite understand the game yet. So my question is where could i put him without hurting our D and what would be the best defense to run with 1st time players. Currently Use: 3-2 2-3 5 Across Diagrams are welcome! Thanks