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  1. Hello folks, first off thanks for the insight. I've been reading these threads for a few weeks and finally decided to sign up. I'm two games into coaching my first flag football season. On to the specifics: - I am coaching my sons 5-6 year old, 8 on 8 flag football team. - as stated, this is my first time coaching any sport, ever. - two weeks in, we are 0-2. First game we lost 14-0 Second game we lost 28-7. Needless to say, it's been an awesome experience thus far. Although we lost by more the second game, I thought we played much better even though the score doesn't reflect that. I must point out we are supposed to track plays so a kid can't run/catch it before every kid has had the opportunity to do so once. I have been sticking my that routine, I do know the other coaches have loosely abided by this rule, with their star players taking a couple extra runs out of turn..whatever. I feel my defense has improved tremendously, even though we gave up 4 td's last game. Despite that, I felt we made many more defensive stops than we did week 1. I guess my reason for posting this is my offense needs work.... Our snap to the qb is much improved, and even the handoff isnt taking that long, but too often our backfield is blown up as soon as my kid gets the handoff without any room/time to run. Granted we had a nice drive last game in which we connected multiple runs together to score our first td of the season. But beyond that, our gains were few and far between. Obviously I need to get them blocking better, maybe put them in a better position/alignment, but I am looking for any suggestions on this. I must say, I do believe for this age group(5-6 yrs. old) 8 on 8 is just too many kids on the field. Most plays I have about 4 kids that will set up and stay in position while the other 4 are uninterested, goofing off, pulling their own flags off their jersey.. I have a 12 kid roster, so I usually have 2 to 4 kids on the sideline, rotating them in/out. The other teams look much better prepared and more disciplined(not sure if they are sticking to the 2 day/1 hour max practice rule or not) Quick note, I've mostly been running with just a single back in the backfield. I was going to try a wishbone formation to use the extra back as a blocker but we are getting confused rb's on who's running, who's blocking. anyways, any suggestions would be welcome. thank you in advance!!!
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